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Sustainability in practice


Creating value and embodying values. The STAR COOPERATION combines those two attributes. Because we know: only if we pursue an ecologically and socially sustainable approach in a credible manner will we be able to ensure long-term sustained growth and commercial success – for ourselves and our customers.

The three pillars of sustainability

The corporate social responsibility of the STAR COOPERATION is focused on three areas:

The three fields of sustainability in the STAR COOPERATION Group
Environmental and energy policy

Due dilligence in black and white

In modern companies with modern values like the STAR COOPERATION, responsibility comes with a capital R. Therefore, we have written down our company's environmental and energy policy with the overall environmental target and principles in a management reference book. Regularly revising this environmental policy and adjusting it accordingly to new development aims at continuously improving environmental protection at STAR. You can learn more here (German only):

Energie- und Umweltpolitik der STAR COOPERATION-Unternehmensgruppe

For the first time in 2017, our environmental and energy policy officially has been confirmed. The STAR COOPERATION is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 50001:2011.



Commitment for and by employees.

Smart and dedicated people work for STAR COOPERATION: the STARS. They are just as versatile as the services they offer. This individuality is at our core and drives the entire Group. And via successful projects, our customers are also profiting from this. We are aware that the STARS are the source and thereby the most important base for STAR COOPERATION's success.

It is all the more important to create a work environment for them that values diversity, supports entrepreneurial approaches, respects individual goals and safeguards a high quality of life. For, only then we can make sure that the smartest and most dedicated heads will continue to work for STAR.


Environment protection – no marginal issue at STAR.

Protecting our planet is our most important mandate - not just for ourselves, but for the benefit of future generations. This particularly includes limiting and thwarting CO2 emissions and, in doing so, having a share in protecting the climate. When choosing their partners, our customers also pay attention to such criteria. Therefore, we foster our employees' environmental consciousness and support them in acting environmentally responsible both at work and in their private lives.

Each and everyone can participate in conserving our environment even with very small steps - like not printing out every e-mail and switching off the computer at the end of the work day.

Saving resources is also at the forefront for STAR when it comes to mobility. Therefore, we have been consequently changed our company and pool vehicles to more efficient models with the latest Diesel technology and, by doing so, managed to significantly reduced our fleet's fuel consumption. 

This development was further facilitated by acquiring electro vehicles that have been running for more than 17,000 kilometers so far. Thereby, we did not just consume more than 1,000 liters of fuel less, but also have exhausted 1,7 tons of CO2 less into the air.

Economic viability

Economic viability as a part of our solutions portfolio.

Both in the private live and in everyday situations, sustainable behavior takes up a natural space in people's minds. However, this is not always the case when it comes to products and services. STAR is different: our solutions portfolio already incorporates the idea of resource efficiency.

In the projects we are happy to realize for our customers, there are different dimensions where sustainability comes into play. For instance, we offer "green" products like environmentally friendly media productions using FSC certified paper and environmentally sound printing methods. 

With cleverly combined distribution processes, our logistics experts not only help to have less trucks on the streets thereby limiting emissions into the air. We thereby also free up valuable and expensive storage resources for our customers.

By the way: also less tangible projects can be lead to success sustainably, e.g. in e-commerce. With the help of chosen partners, we make sure that the entirety of a shop's processes, starting with software development to sales activities to support, are completely climate-neutral. How is that possible? By making up for the arising emissions with supporting climate protection projects.