We provide answers to your most frequently asked questions

What factors need to be considered when applying online?

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Which opportunities to join STAR is on offer?

Jobs, internships, student work placements, theses and more.

How and where can I apply?

It is only possible to apply online. Click here to see the latest job vacancies. The STAR COOPERATION GmbH offers recruitment opportunities at its headquarters in Böblingen as well as at other locations in Germany and abroad. The Human Resources department in Böblingen manages applications on a centralized basis.

What is the selection procedure?

The Human Resources department and the department with the vacancy jointly interview candidates of interest. In some cases, this also incorporates short case studies (which candidates work on individually). The recruitment procedure for permanent posts includes a second selection round with a further interview.

When will I hear back from the company?

You will receive a confirmation that your application has been received. Where necessary, we pass on applications to multiple departments within the company, so we cannot give a general reply as to when you might receive a decision or other feedback from us. However, we ensure that replies are sent out as promptly as possible.

How do I find out whether the job vacancies advertised are up-to-date?

All the job vacancies advertised on our website are current. We cannot give any assurances with regard to ads you may have seen on other recruitment platforms. So please check our website to make sure the post is still vacant before applying.

What language skills are required?

Our business language is German, so we require flawless spoken and written German. In view of our international operations and business links, good English skills are desirable in many departments. Other languages are advantageous.

What are the preconditions for starting an internship?

In addition to good exam results and a full, relevant resume, your personality is most important to us. We also like to see any references you may have from previous periods of student working or internship.

Is it possible to be an intern abroad?

Internships outside Germany are only possible if specified as such in the current job vacancies.

How far in advance do I have to apply for an internship/thesis/student work placement?

If you are applying on spec, you should do so not earlier than three months before you wish to start work. We also recruit at short notice!

How long does an internship/thesis/student work placement last?

We offer internships of minimum three months duration.

Is lack of international experience a deal-breaker?

We do not require international experience, but it will enhance your application and tops off your profile.

Is work experience required?

If work experience is essential, it will be specified as such in the job advertisement.

What starting salary do college graduates receive?

The salary level depends on the post advertised and on the candidate's qualifications. In general, it is oriented to market levels.

How can I apply on spec and what factors do I need to consider when doing so?

You will find the option to submit a speculative job application in the job vacancies section of our website at the top right behind the button labeled "Zur Initiativbewerbung" (Unsolicited application). Please include in your application the kind of work you are looking for or the department you wish to work in.

I would like to apply for multiple posts. Do I have to submit a separate application for each?

No, in such a case it is sufficient to send us just one application. Please indicate in your application letter the posts for which you are applying.