Interview with Dominik Dussling

How would you describe STAR COOPERATION in just a few words?
STAR COOPERATION is a young, friendly consulting and service company. The broad-ranging portfolio provides our customers with solutions all along their value chain. Starting in development and marketing, through production, to aftersales service.

How would you describe the climate among the staff?
I find the climate to be friendly, open, interested and creative.

What has been your career path since you starting working for STAR COOPERATION?
I joined in 2006 as a graphic designer. In 2008 I was promoted to Art Director, and in 2011 I was appointed a Manager. Since then I have headed up the marketing team of the STAR COOPERATION group.

How does STAR COOPERATION differ from other companies?
STAR COOPERATION has its very own style. It makes the company something special. All in all, there are many different individual elements: above all, of course, the approximately 700 highly committed employees and their will to make things happen; the interlinking of a wide variety of different sectors; but also the rather different interior design and outfitting, and the many opportunities for qualification and development.

What do you believe are the necessary qualities an employee has to have in order to succeed in this company?
Enthusiasm about working independently; openness, and focus on goal attainment. A 'STAR' should also always have a healthy portion of curiosity, courage, creativity, and interest in new things.