Interview with Ramona Kaden

How would you describe STAR COOPERATION in just a few words?
The somewhat different service provider in the automotive sector.

How would you describe the climate among the staff?
When you walk through the building, you get a sense of the openness of the corporate culture. That is also enhanced by the furnishings and fittings, and variety of fun features. I believe relations among the colleagues are collaborative and friendly.

What has been your career path since you starting working for STAR COOPERATION?
I was recruited in January 2001 as a Key Account Manager. In late 2002 I was appointed General Manager, and in 2003 I became CEO of STAR PUBLISHING GmbH.

How does STAR COOPERATION differ from other companies?
In the so-called 'Star Spirit'. We are a somewhat different type of company. We are a young and highly innovative company, though also offering high levels of experience and professionalism. The promotion of junior staff, qualification and cooperation with higher education and research institutions boost our innovative strength. The employees are able to share in the company's success.

What do you believe are the necessary qualities an employee has to have in order to succeed in this company?
An ability to assume independent responsibility, to think entrepreneurially; strong commitment to the business, personal ambition, and personal goal-setting