We are an award-winning Top Employer

The STAR COOPERATION Group has been operating successfully on the market since 1997. Innovative and inspiring ideas, a strong bond within the team, high levels of specialist expertise and a mutually beneficial network are our key attributes. But above all, we never stand still; because only by continuously advancing and developing is it possible to meet the steadily rising demands of the market.

Our customers are the best, or want to be. So, our claim is that we only accept the best of the best into the STAR team of 13 companies and develop them so as to always deliver to our customers in different sectors, with widely varying backgrounds, the optimal solutions to their problems. In keeping with our motto "BE YOURSELF, BE A STAR", it is important to us that you are successful, because we will grow with you and we will succeed together.

So we are always on the lookout for new STARs who are capable of sometimes daring to go places no one has gone before. That is the only way we can remain innovative, and create long-term added value for our customers as a premium partner. We enthuse and delight our customers by finding new approaches and exciting new perspectives. That is why our STARs actively shape our business.

Of course, we do not leave them alone. Our corporate philosophy is clear. That is to say: We help each other, share knowledge and celebrate our joint successes. And if something occasionally goes wrong, we find out why: analytically, professionally, so we can do it better next time.

If you want to make a big difference, you are one of us – or will be!


Mr Philipp Bofinger

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