Development Opportunities

Standing still is going backwards

That is why we are always on the move – with new ideas, innovative products and wide-ranging projects. And in order to keep up with our own speed, every STAR has the opportunity to develop with us in their own entirely individual way.


Mr Philipp Bofinger

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STAR Development Path

Your professional development is important to us. That is why we offer four steps within our development path, e.g. for consultants – from associate to senior expert or consultant. All steps of the development towards the next career level are defined and are individually modulated to each STAR and our potentials.

STAR Campus

Personal qualification is the motor for all employees and, therefore, also for the STAR group. The STAR Campus supports the personal training with a large number of trainings – professional, methodical, social. Which training is the right one for each employees is determined individually. The training opportunities are aligned to the special requirements.

STAR Academy

If you have already been with STAR for two to three years, you can apply for our 18 months training scheme. In addition to being mentored by a member of our management team, you will work on strategically relevant projects for our management. Furthermore, you will get special training and qualification that will pave the way to become an executive professional.

Work Life Balance

We love to work, but work is not everything. That is why a balance between professional effort and relaxing recreation is so important. Our management team advocates this strongly. Naturally, there are stressful times when our customer is the driving force – but not on a permanent level. Our management creates a good balance of interests between customers and colleagues. And our meeting points are the perfect spot for a short coffee break or a game of billiard with the colleagues.