STAR as an employer

We combine challenging tasks with a people-friendly culture

The corporate culture is the DNA of a company: it forges bonds with the employees and encourages them to identify with the company. The work the employees do is also underpinned by it. It is the values and goals that engender identification and loyalty.

The basis of our success is our positive corporate culture. We provide and promote a working environment in which diversity is respected, quality of life is enhanced, entrepreneurial thinking is brought to life and individual aspirations are fulfilled. On that foundation, a culture of innovation has been created in recent years which is vital for the growth of the STAR COOPERATION Group, but also for each individual STAR working for us. We grow when they grow. We have a brilliant future, because we believe in each individual STAR.

We combine challenging tasks with a people-friendly culture. We have an inspiring working environment, for example featuring colorfully designed offices, sustainable office equipment and fittings, and we place great value in one-to-one dialog, to which we devote a lot of space.

There is no simple answer to the question: "What does it mean to work at STAR?". Because our STARs are as diverse and varied as the services we deliver and the projects we handle. But we are all thinkers and doers in one; that is what makes us and our customers successful.

Trust-based working times

We have no set working times and certainly no clock to punch in. We work according to the demands of our projects and tasks: entirely flexibly, so that all STARs can allocate their time optimally. Mutual trust is of course essential to this.


STAR offers lots of opportunities for colleagues to meet and get to know each other. One of the most important events is our annual kick-off get-together, at which we discuss strategic steps and successes achieved with all our employees. We also regularly organize STAR Insight events, which feature artists exhibiting at our premises or concerts for customers and employees. Other activities include running, cycling and fitness groups, as well as carting and indoor soccer events.


Mr Philipp Bofinger

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