Virtual Reality Innovation Circle
Virtual Reality Innovation Circle
Using virtual reality to redesign the working environment

Virtual Reality Innovation Circle

Virtual reality is becoming genuine reality – come and join in!

Redefining collaboration

The VR Innovation Circle is aimed at companies from any industry that want to make their daily working life more efficient, cost-effective and intuitive. This program enables them to keep a watchful eye on future trends like VR collaboration, VR reporting or VR training. Our experts from the consultancy sector, as well as hardware and software producers, will give you fascinating insights into the world of virtual reality. They will explain the technical background to VR and show you the new opportunities, approaches and challenges it brings. And solutions, too.

Experience and test VR first-hand: as part of our program, you will launch a VR collaboration platform with innovative reporting features in your company. Working together with colleagues from other companies, you will draw on your own experiences to develop this platform. This will help you to expand your knowledge, exchange ideas and gain new impetus.

Realize VR together

The VR Innovation Circle launches in Q3 2019. At three cross-company summits and two internal workshops, you will build up your knowledge of VR collaboration and also gain direct experience by participating in a pilot project that will run until Q1 2020
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  • Technology and trends of VR collaboration
  • Experts from the service sector and science
  • Pilot project running for six months
  • Three general cross-company summits

– Kick-off: VR technology and trends

– First experience: progress reports and development needs

– Roadmap and handover: summary and handover of VR application

  • Two internal workshops

– Becoming VR-ready: installation of VR technology

– Implications: lessons learned, strengths and weaknesses of the implementation

  • 360° support (remote and on-site)
  • Optional supply of the VR infrastructure
  • Ongoing internal use of the developed VR solution
  • Creation of additional roadmaps
  • Budget for participation: EUR 19,500 (incl. two participants, optional supply of hardware)
VR Innovation Circle Program
VR Innovation Circle

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Exploiting the potential of VR 

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VR Innovation Circle
VR Innovation Circle
By using VR collaboration, VR reporting and VR training, you can create innovative new potential – and make your business processes more efficient. Join the STAR Virtual Reality Innovation Circle group of experts and actively participate in shaping the next developmental stage of VR!
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