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Multi-channel management, internationalization, shorter product life cycles and target marketing are all issues marketing departments are currently having to contend with. Ever-reducing resources pose additional challenges for many companies. A PIM system helps you to maintain an overview. Benefit from centralized product data management, a noticeable improvement in data quality and automated processes for your communication channels.
More about PIM – easy processing of data

In the course of their decision-making process, customers glean information via various different channels: from catalogs, online stores, brochures, newsletters, social media and many others. In doing so, they expect all sources of product information to be up to date and consistent. However, this can present providers with a big challenge. The content needed for communication is often saved in a range of different systems and needs to be prepared manually for the individual output media.

Systems exist that can simplify and automate this process: PIM systems store product data centrally in a media-neutral format and issue it according to the requirements of the particular sales or communication channel. The process runs automatically, saving companies a huge amount of time. This also ensures a consistent purchasing experience for customers. Nowadays, both these benefits are important levers that can be adjusted to help you stand out in an extremely competitive environment.

What does a PIM system give you?

You gain efficient management and processing of all the content elements you need for your product communication. The central data management and automated processes provided when using a PIM system offer you numerous advantages.

Shorter Time to Market: in a PIM system, all the content elements are available in a media-neutral format. Output rules and templates make it easy for an employee to use this data for any format or channel (printed catalogs, web stores, etc.). Media planning and compilation which generally took weeks previously, now happens much more quickly.

Prevention of errors in document management: all output media and sales channels get the required product information from the same data pool. Changes made to the source data are automatically applied in all locations affected

Massive cost-saving: a PIM system ensures efficient data management and usage. The processing can be – depending on the target media and requirement – up to 100% automated, speeding it up considerably. Publication is “on demand”, which creates cost-savings in particular.

Optimized customer journey: a prospective customer comparing different products will most likely choose the one that provides the right information in answer to their questions. Up-to-date and useful product data therefore plays a decisive role in creating a positive purchasing experience.

Benefits of a PIM system
Benefits of a PIM system
  • A central single source of truth 

    Product information is collected and maintained in one location only and output automatically via various channels (online store, printed catalog, newsletter, etc). This simplifies and speeds up internal processes and reduces the associated costs.

  • Consistent data

    All output media and sales channels receive product information from the same centralized data pool. This ensures that the product information remains up to date and consistent across all channels.

  • Personalized customer approach

    Product data and customer data are part of a company’s master data. Customer data from the CRM system can be combined with PIM data to allow communication that is personalized to the customer.

  • Less time required 

    Partners, dealers and suppliers can access the PIM system anytime and anywhere and get involved in the data management process. This reduces the time required internally.

  • Quick market launch 

    Product communication can be adapted more quickly to suit local markets, as subsidiaries can access images, documents and videos themselves, and translation processes can be simplified.

  • Increased sales 

    Sound, comprehensive information makes products easier to find in search engines and contributes toward creating a positive purchasing experience for the customer. This then also boosts sales.

Which PIM system is right for you?

Choose between the Basic, Midsize or Enterprise/Multi-channel versions. Using our many years of project experience, we will help you to find the most suitable system for your requirements.


An overview of our services:

  • PIM system support: together, we will identify your requirements and find the system that is the perfect fit for you
  • Implementation: we support you in every phase of the project to introduce your PIM system
  • Database publishing: if you want to save considerable amounts of time and money in the future and combine all your automated processes, then we will be happy to share our many years of experience with you
An overview of our PIM services
PIM systems overview
PIM systems overview
  • Basic

    With this system, you can make use of core functions, such as product data storage. This is a largely self-sufficient solution with very few interfaces and simple translation workflows.

    • Admin and power users: < 10
    • Costs (minimum in EUR thousand): EUR 95
  • Midsize

    Professional PIM software comprising an integrated system with various interfaces that can be extended as required, depending on your needs. This could be with a MAM portal, for example, complex TMS workflows or an automated database publisher.

    • Admin and power users: 10–25
    • Costs (minimum in EUR thousand): EUR 200
  • Enterprise

    Professional PIM software comprising an integrated system with various interfaces that can be extended as required, depending on your needs. This could be with a MAM portal, for example, complex TMS workflows or an automated database publisher.

    • Admin and power users: > 25
    • Costs (minimum in EUR thousand): EUR 530

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