Remanufacturing STAR COOPERATION


We will extend the life-cycles of your products

Remanufacturing is a byword for sustainability, conservation of resources and long-term competitiveness in the spare parts business. Moreover, fair-value pricing retains customer loyalty long after production has been discontinued.

To obtain remanufactured products, used components are brought up to the quality standard of new products by recycling and reconditioning. Our concepts in this area are targeted at achieving high re-use rates in order to save on raw materials. In this way, we are able to achieve attractive manufacturing costs for you.

For us, remanufacturing starts with identifying the market potential of exchange items and extends through the development of the reman products, the establishment of reman business processes to shipping of the remanufactured items to the end-user customer. Our focus is always on meeting your needs.

Remanufacturing STAR COOPERATION

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You want to realize the potentials and chances of Remanufacturing? We support you both in entering the reman business and in expanding your product portfolio. Give us a call – we are happy to consult you!

We will support you in the areas of

Remanufacturing services of the STAR COOPERATION group
Technology and Production Process - Handling of small-lot production with high variance rates

We will support you along the entire reman value chain, consistently implementing lean production processes:

  • Feasibility study, planning of disassembly workstations

  • Collaboration with cleaning partners

  • Conception of low-cost test benches

  • Devising a reconditioning concept

  • Planning of re-assembly, configuration of the equipment
Factory Planning - a symbiosis of modular elements and optimal material flows

Based on our process know-how, we will save space and cost in factory configuration together with you. Our approach is firmly founded on Henry Ford's idea: "Anything that does not benefit the customer is waste." We will support you in implementing

  • Lean management

  • Assessment of site options

  • Planning of material flows

  • Process time analysis

  • Creation of a digital factory layout

  • Factory requirements specification

  • Identification of media requirements

  • Creation of a fire protection concept
Business Development – Reman as a key pillar of your business

We will provide you with a comprehensive concept for the development of your individual reman strategy and its implementation. In reman communications, we employ a cross-media strategy covering all relevant channels. We will handle on your behalf:

  • Process development
  • Establishment of the organization

  • Project management

  • Scheduling

  • Profitability analysis

  • Marketing

  • Market research
Core management– from the used article to the exchange item, reman from a single source

We will support you in implementing a functioning user article management system, thereby ensuring efficient parts logistics. We are your point of contact for:

  • Management of reverse logistics processes

  • Buffer storage and cross-docking

  • Order-controlled on-line delivery

  • Creation and operation of state-of-the-art web shops