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Technical Support

Support for your service organization

We will monitor, analyze and provide you with advice in all quality matters relating to product testing. Our technical support will handle customer complaints rapidly as well as collecting and collating information for the ongoing development of your product. This will enable you to proactively counter any potential future sources of fault.

We will handle on your behalf

  • customers' technical queries, from troubleshooting to the development of new solutions for first and second level support
  • analysis of sensor data in order to detect fault sources at an early stage and identify preventive solutions and

  • updating of information in service and workshop literature based on product modifications.

We will be glad to assist you with technical support for your products, too. Or, if you wish, we can handle all your technical market support functions, enabling you to concentrate on your core business. Call us and ask for a non-binding consultation!


Mr André Riess

+49 7031 6288-3746