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Business Intelligence & Big Data

Guiding Your Strategy

Companies must rely on precise management of their marketing activities in customer relationship management. Business Intelligence systems and Big Data analytics turn customer and sales data into valuable information resources. Business Intelligence systems provide key performance indicators for decision-making processes, delivering high levels of data quality, scaleability and user-oriented processing capability. Social media platforms, blogs and the like are continually increasing our data volumes. The ever greater volumes of data demand the application of new technologies. Only businesses which are capable of evaluating their data will have a chance to beat the competition over the long term.

Smart, interconnected products permit a genuinely closed product lifecycle management loop, by which you can track, manage and control product information in every phase of the lifecycle, whenever and wherever around the world. Based on your data, new business models can be developed, or new services can be derived in line with the needs, wishes and usage behavior of your customers.

Business Intelligence and Big Data can provide marketing with key information for targeting campaigns or adapting strategies. This means you can greatly extend the reach of existing measures while keeping to the same marketing budget, or you can even save on resources, which can then be devoted to new measures. Consult us; we are experts, and can provide you with a tailored solution.


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Challenging trends such as digitization and smart manufacturing also present opportunities for your business.

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