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Market Research

We will help you understand what your customers and employees really want

Anyone involved in making decisions must know the needs and wishes of their customers and employees in detail. Whether you develop a new product, upgrade an existing one or look to motivate your staff: the key to success is comprehensive, soundly-based data. We will collate all data of relevance to you, nationally and internationally, and help you to understand your customers, your employees and your market better. We will employ modern methods of market research in doing so.


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We advise you in the following areas

Competitor Benchmarking

Planning to introduce a product or service or looking to expand into a new market? Want to contrast your current offerings, processes or organizational forms with those of your competitors, as a means of identifying potential for improvement? We will help you.

Based on competitor benchmarking, it is possible to compare the current position of your business with the standards of your competitors. This reveals potential for improvement across companies and sectors and helps identify best practices. By comparing with similar products and services, the areas where you have a competitive edge, as well as where you are at a competitive disadvantage, are made transparent. Benchmarking is a key instrument for continuous improvement and quality management processes.

We will conduct your benchmarking analyses in conjunction with you. We will assess the direct competition on your behalf as well as identifying the best practice standards of other companies across multiple sectors. Depending on the issues to be resolved, we will utilize secondary data or conduct surveys where appropriate. This will reveal the specific strengths and weaknesses of your products, processes or organizational forms. We will then conclude where it would be worthwhile for you to match – or even outperform – the competition.

Competitive benchmarks enable you to learn from the best – without having to undergo the costly and complex development process to attain that position. We will be glad to carry out benchmarking on you behalf. Call us now!

Satisfaction Research

Want to find out how satisfied your customers, employees or other stakeholders are with your offerings and services? Are you asking yourself what demands they are making on your business? You are interested in discovering which services generate high levels of satisfaction and which barely have any influence? We will answer those questions for you.

Good customer relations and loyal customers are essential to the success of a business – especially considering that it is many times more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. Moreover, loyal customers have a higher price tolerance and are more willing both to buy again and to recommend you to others – they are more open to up-selling and cross-selling.

Based on quantitative and qualitative surveys, we identify the need for improvement, devise appropriate measures and so pave the way for good customer and employee relations. For, only if customers and employees are satisfied, you will be able to ensure their long-term loyalty to your company.

A key challenge in customer satisfaction research is to identify the specific factors influencing satisfaction. To that end, we employ a measurement method which is grounded in theory and has been tried and proven on numerous projects. We adapt that method to your specific requirements. The results of the measurement enable strategies for action to be derived in the next step.

In view of the currently rising intensity of competition and severe pricing pressures, high levels of customer satisfaction should be placed even more closely in the focus of business practice. Contact us and we will support you with our satisfaction research.

Preference Research/Conjoint

Need detailed information as to the bases of your customers' decisions for or against a product or service? Want to find out how the market responds to a new/changed product or service? Looking for answers to the questions of whether a product innovation can be successfully launched onto the market and how an ideal product should be configured from a customer perspective? We will answer those questions for you.

Conjoint analyses support you in making a wide range of key marketing decisions. They are the key instrument of market research in relation to questions of product and service design, pricing as well as target group definition and market simulation. Conjoint analysis is a decompositional technique which provides indications of customers' preferences regarding specific product characteristics and willingness to pay based on complex scientific algorithms derived from their global statements. It enables experimentation with fictitious products before they are produced in real life and launched onto the market.

With the wide-ranging instruments of conjoint analysis, we predict the success of your products on the market as a basis for product, service and pricing related decisions. We employ very powerful methods of conjoint analysis, such as choice-based conjoint analysis using the hierarchical Bayes model. The surveys are normally conducted online, meaning they are cost-effective, quick,and with high levels of representativeness and user-friendliness.

We will also identify the preferences of your customers. Call us now.

Brand and Image Research

How does the public see you? What do those around you say about your brand? We will answer those questions for you.

Image is one of the key factors determining business success. Profiling your own offer enables you to speed up your customers' decision-making processes, enhance your offer with positive values and build trust. How you see yourself and how others see you are often two different things however. So the aim must be to harmonize your (desired) self-image with the world around you.

We will support you in doing that. Efficient, pragmatic and implementation-oriented. We will measure and manage the image your customers and employees have formed of your company and brand. A core element of our image research is identifying the relevant dimensions by which the respective target groups define and judge your image.

To do so, we conduct qualitative preliminary studies to identify the specific 'levers' in your environment. Only then is the actual survey conducted. We employ qualitative and quantitative survey methods to form an image profile of your company. From the results, we derive specific recommendations for action.