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Marketing Consulting

More efficiency for your marketing with MPO, MRM and more

Multi-channel management, internationalization, shorter product life-cycles and target marketing are currently trending topics in marketing. And ever tighter resources are posing additional challenges to many businesses.

The focus varies depending on the specific sector. So, there are no across-the-board solutions to the growing pressures on marketing. Working together with you, we will come up with solutions to improve the efficiency of your marketing communications. We will establish robust workflows for your international marketing. And we will make the efficacy of your promotional campaigns measurable.

In doing so, we will analyze at working level, plan at management level and provide support in implementation. This means, we can guarantee sustained success across all media:

  • Transparency and simplification of complex processes
  • Cost and resource efficiency
  • Measurability of marketing campaigns
  • Investment certainty

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We advise you in the following areas

Marketing Process Optimization (MPO)

Efficiency and efficacy are core corporate goals. The challenge faced by marketing in this context is to deliver ever more wide-ranging output, ever more quickly, at reduced resources.

The objective of our MPO in marketing consulting is to make your existing creation processes and communications structures leaner across all media and internationally and to establish multi-channel workflows. In doing so, we ensure that all subsidiary processes are intermeshed to create a unified whole. This saves time and reduces cost markedly.

The basis for successful optimization of your marketing processes is a sound analysis of your current processes, the relevant stakeholders and your existing IT infrastructure. Building on that, we will identify and assess potential savings and propose solutions tailored individually to your needs. We will also be glad to support you in the operational implementation of the measures required.

For you, that means: less input, more output.

Contact us and ask for a non-binding consultation.

Marketing Resource Management (MRM)
Marketing Resource Management STAR COOPERATION

To be able to deploy ever tighter resources as efficiently as possible, MRM software is available which will support you to plan and manage your marketing resources. The aim of this is to relieve the workload on marketing executives based on standardization of recurring but complex operational processes. In addition, Product Information Management (PIM) can be used to make all data available centrally and in media-neutral form.

We will analyze your specific needs, and advise you as an independent partner in choosing the MRM software to fit your business. We will also be glad to support you in implementing the software. Thanks to our expertise and market knowledge, we guarantee you

  • improved efficiency based on automation,

  • investment certainty based on need-oriented solutions,

  • faster selection and decision-making processes and
  • reduced IT costs based on consolidation of system landscapes.

The trend is that, in future, marketing will no longer be capable of implementing target group-specific communications without MRM. So, do not wait any longer. Contact us. We will find the right MRM for you.

Campaign Management and Success Measurement

Good campaign management as the interface between the individual marketing instruments offers many benefits, such as synchronization of measures, as well as monitoring of and support to distributors and international subsidiaries. In this way, integrated communications – and thus a uniform message – can be ensured.

Moreover, appropriate criteria and performance indicators can be applied to measure the success of a campaign and cross-check it against the initial planning. We employ detailed measurement methods with soundly-based data and information from the whole project in order to create an informative KPI system as a means of measuring success. It is also important to identify KPIs for the measures in which the greater portion of the budget has been invested. An integrated marketing platform additionally ensures efficient interchange within the sales organization.

In a joint project with the German Bundesverband Industrie Kommunikation e. V. (bvik), we have intensified our research on this topic in the context of B2B marketing. The results achieved are already being implemented in individual companies. You can download a preliminary report on our KPI project free of charge here (German only).

We will help you to establish the processes and the right software for successful campaign management. This will save you money, while at the same time enhancing the impact of your marketing campaigns as well as making them specifically measurable. Ask for a consultation now!


Every buyer is looking for the best, most cost-effective offer. That is true of repro, pre-press, translation and printing as well as agency services. However, the fact that costs can also be cut by efficiency measures such as standardization, interdepartmental interchange and volume bundling is often overlooked.

We will draw up specifications for you to deliver standardization and improved comparability, handle cross-departmental requests for proposal to bundle volumes and optimize your contracting and approval processes. Your satisfaction and quality assurance are the priorities.

Utilize our large supplier network and many years' experience to your benefit. It will cut your costs by as much as 30 percent in the individual specialisms, assure delivery and consistently high quality and entail less administrative commitment.