FlexOpto is a bidirectional media converter which transmits electrical FlexRay, CAN or LIN signals via optical fibre.
FlexMedia 100BASE-T1

FlexMedia 100BASE-T1

The FlexMedia 100BASE-T1 is a converter for 100BASE-T1 to 100BASE-TX and vice versa. With the FlexMedia 100BASE-T1, it is possible to connect an automotive Ethernet network to a standard PC for testing or diagnostic purposes.
FlexIO-S Thermo

FlexIO-S Thermo

The FlexIO-S Thermo is a low-cost thermocouple measuring module which permits electrically isolated temperature measurement by evaluation of four type K thermocouples. The values can be transmitted onto the CAN bus for measurement data acquisition.
FlexIO-S Digital

FlexIO-S Digital

With FlexIO-S Digital , data on a CAN bus can be converted into digital signals for status display or to switch external peripherals. Additionally, digital inputs can be read-in and their signals mapped and transmitted on the CAN bus. For the purpose, the hardware features a CAN interface as well as eight high-side and eight low-side channels which can be individually configured optionally as inputs or outputs.
FlexIO-S Analog

FlexIO-S Analog

The FlexIO-S Analog measures voltages up to ±60 V and transmits the values on a CAN bus. Voltages of up to ±10 V can also be simulated to power sensors.
FlexIO-M Thermo

FlexIO-M Thermo

The FlexIO-M Thermo is likewise a thermocouple measuring module for electrically isolated temperature measurement. This variant offers eight type K thermocouple connections.
Development Board FlexDevel

Development Board FlexDevel

The FlexDevel is a low cost solution for beginners in automotive bus systems. It consists of a universal micro controller development platform with FlexRay, CAN, LIN and Ethernet interfaces.
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