Signal generators



FlexInterlock-M Is a module for the use in test benches which emulates an HV interlock‘s functionality according to an HV battery by generating and evaluating an HV interlock signal. Several redundant switch contacts and LEDs are provided to signalize whether the HV interlock was or was not detected.
FlexGen-S Sensor

FlexGen-S Sensor

The FlexGen-S SENSOR is constructed flexibly in order to solve varying sensor/actuator technology tasks. Usually, sensors need a control unit for visualizing, processing and supplying.
FlexGen-S PWM

FlexGen-S PWM

The FlexGen-S PWM is a PWM generator in which the PWM signal is generated by an open-collector output stage. This unit thus generates PWM signals for test benches and test vehicles, or speed presets on control inputs of automotive fans and pumps. The frequency and signal ratio can be individually adjusted by a rotary encoder.
FlexGen-M SENT

FlexGen-M SENT

This is a versatile, mobile, autonomous platform with which sensor data can be recorded, processed and generated. The FlexGen-M Sent reads out connected SENT sensors and simulates virtual sensors. The unit also provides various signal manipulation functions, such as to test the limit value behavior of specific connected control units
FlexGen-M PWM Remote

FlexGen-M PWM Remote

The FlexGen-M PWM remote can be used to generate variable PWM signals with output currents of up to 10 A. The frequency, the pulse duty factor as well as the setting and control parameters can be determined via a CAN interface through an automation system. The current values can be read back through a sensor input and the integrated current measurement.
FlexGen-M PWM

FlexGen-M PWM

The FlexGen-M PWM is a powerful PWM generator by which a variable PWM signal can be generated. All adjustable parameters can be read from the integrated display. Thanks to the robust aluminum housing and the high-grade controls, it is outstandingly well suited to tough mobile applications on test benches and in test vehicles, as well as for the PWM actuation of control valves and actuators
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