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In distributing new vehicles, a car passes through many kinds and means of transportation on its way from the production facility to the end customer. Transport damages like scratches or dents are almost inevitable and lead to complex repair and damage management processes for the ones involved. long administration times and the lack of transparency pose a challenge when determining the source of a damage or enforcing claims of recourse. 

With their "Integrated Transport and Quality Management System" (ITQS), the Experts in Supply Chain Management and Digitization have developed a comprehensive approach to deal with damage documentation and management along the entire outbound supply chain. With the help of a mobile app, the corresponding web portal and a fitting BI solution for the downstream analysis and evaluation of the gathered data, processing of claims becomes transparent, the lead time is reduces and recourse claims are protected.

The following example shows you how ITQS can support your claims settlement:



The goals of ITQS

Reduction of lead times

By digitizing the entire process, the lead time for a damage cases can be reduced by a lot. All necessary documents are automatically available to all involved in digital form:

  • availability of vehicle and order data already when receiving the vehicle
  • automatic dispatch of documents to all involved in the process
  • digital damage registration during receiving the vehicle
  • job-controlled and e-mail based workflow


Transparent processing of claims

A transparent presentation is essential to enforce possible recourse claims:

  • transparent and continuous documentation of vehicle handovers throughout the entire transport chain
  • structured documentation of damages in transit including all necessary information and photos
  • standardized documentation of damages in transit at every interface


Evaluation and analysis of all transit damages

The amount of vehicles that are shipped through the outbound transport chain on a daily basis generate an enormous demand for coordination – STAR ITQS provides transparency:

  • integrated alert function according to individually definable parameters
  • automated damage and analysis cockpit
  • identification of structural weak spots along the logistics chain


Measures to optimize processes

By identifying problem areas, measures for process optimization can be derived:

  • development of measures to reduce structural weak spots along the entire logistics chain
  • introduction of safety measures for damage prevention


Filing acceptable for auditing

STAR ITQS facilitates sustainable archiving:

  • correct and digital proof of delivery at the final destination
  • handover protocols and damage documentation acceptable for auditing, also for delivery at dealerships and end customers


Protection of recourse claims

Transparently presenting all damage cases and the necessary information simplifies enforcing recourse claims:

  • analysis, monitoring & workflow by the insurance department
  • automated dispatch of documents when irregularities within the legally determined deadlines and demands are determined



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