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New Mobility Partnership STAR COOPERATION

The increasing mobility in our society offers many benefits, but is also leading to congested roads and shortage of parking, as well as driving climate change. Awareness of these issues is rising. That is changing consumer behavior and so also the demands placed on modern, sustainable mobility concepts:

  • Alternative drive technologies, car-sharing and Connected Cars are becoming everyday features, as a result of which traditional automobile manufacturers are turning into mobility service providers.
  • Urbanization demands the highly efficient, precisely timed and environmentally friendly interlinking of different transport options, such as air, rail and car.
  • The shift of energy supply to renewables can only be achieved through intelligently interconnected power grids, better storage facilities and a widespread network of tapping points.

We are responding to the challenges of New Mobility. Together with automobile manufacturers, municipalities and academic institutions, we are developing solutions for the sustainable mobility of the future. Contact us and we will find new mobility concepts in response to your ideas or problems, too.

We will support you all the way to your new mobility concept:

  • from the initial analyses,
  • to the devising of solutions and concepts
  • and validation by studies
  • to implementation.

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We support you in the areas of

E-Mobility & Technology – Meeting the challenges for retail, after sales and more

The shift to renewables is advancing rapidly in Germany and especially electro mobility is gaining in importance. However, the new drive system technologies in electro mobility pose new challenges for retail, after sales and the public sector. We intend to meet those challenges together with you. Whether in terms of coverage, price or infrastructure, in the field of e-mobility and technology, we will work in close cooperation with you to develop future-proof solutions in the categories of:

  • Charging infrastructure

  • Electric vehicles

  • E-bikes

  • After Sales
Mobility Services – integrated services relating to the mobility of the future

Integrated services which enhance the mobility of everyone are the basis of a modern society. However, this has an impact on existing business models. So, for example, automobile manufacturers become mobility service providers. Towns, cities and smaller local communities need inter-modal and multi-modal mobility solutions. We will accompany you on the way to the mobility of the future. To that end, we will develop the right strategy for you, defining measures and products and supporting you to establish them successfully.

Our mobility services will support you in the areas of:

  • Intermodal mobility concepts

  • Parking management

  • Fleet management

  • Car-sharing
Connected Car – Solutions for today and tomorrow

Connectivity and communication between humans, machines and programs is becoming ever more closely interlinked. The latest cars access the Internet, connect to other devices such as smartphones and communicate among themselves as well as with devices and with the driver. Such Connected Cars are becoming increasingly important and ever more interconnected. We will work together with you to determine how the Connected Cars of today and tomorrow can become even safer and more comfortable.

In the Connected Car field, we devise telematics solutions, develop tailored service products and will support your technical implementation in the areas of:

  • Infotainment

  • Remote services

  • Autonomous driving

  • Car-to-X communication


Research projects

STAR COOPERATION is actively engaged in national and international research projects. As an industrial partner, we complement scientific development work with our expertise and assess the results obtained from the user's perspective.

IC-IC: Enhancing interconnectivity through infoconnectivity

Optimizing and integrating R&D for passenger transport through increased intermodality:

IC-IC: Enhancing interconnectivity through infoconnectivity