Pricing Consulting

Improved profitability based on efficient pricing

There are many ways of increasing your profit – from cost-cutting to generating more sales. But pricing is the instrument with the biggest leverage on profit, because it has a more direct impact than virtually any other factor. However, efficient pricing imposes high demands in terms of methodology.

We will help you set the ideal prices for your products and services. In doing so, we will not only consider your cost structure, but fundamentally orient our approach to your customers and their willingness to pay. We will support you from creation of the pricing strategy to price setting and implementation of the strategy to monitoring.


Dr. Gerald Federhofer

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Our pricing consulting services include:

  • Pricing oriented to customer benefit
  • Determination of price/sales functions and market simulation
  • Conducting pricing audits
  • Development of a profitable pricing strategy
  • Organizational integration of pricing processes
  • Restructuring of terms and conditions systems
  • Optimization of pricing in after sales

We advise you in the following areas

Price Setting – What is the optimum price for your products and services?

Professional price setting is the central element of any pricing process. If the average business manages to increase the average price of a product by just one percent, its profits would grow by about 10 percent. Identifying such pricing potential and setting appropriate prices is a key factor in business success. If prices are set too high, the product will not succeed on the market. If they are too low, margins will be surrendered needlessly.

Together we will find the optimum prices for your products. We focus on orienting your pricing to your customers and their willingness to pay a certain price: pricing elasticity is revealed and prices are oriented to customer benefit. To determine the optimum price, we apply empirical and quantitative data which we often collect by means of conjoint analyses. In this way, we will support you in achieving market-oriented pricing.

Contact us and we will find the optimum prices for your products and services – in sales and after sales!

Price Processes - Optimized pricing processes for your success

Optimized pricing processes are a key leverage factor in determining business success. Often, it is not individual price setting, but the multiplicity of periodic pricing decisions, which pose enormous challenges to companies.

Optimized pricing processes enable efficient pricing decisions to be made at low cost. They form the basis for achieving market-oriented prices and high margins.

We will support you in optimizing your pricing processes in line with your corporate strategy. To do so, we will analyze your existing processes through the stages of pricing strategy, price setting, price implementation, price controlling as well as price organization and will determine any necessary changes accordingly. Through our pricing know-how, we will provide you with an individual key competitive edge.

Profit from our wealth of experience on numerous projects and ask for a non-binding consultation!

Conditions Systems – Managing customers in a profit-oriented way

We will help you to maintain control over your selling prices and to provide your distributors with profit-oriented incentives.

Currently, conditions systems often embody a collection of provisions individually negotiated with customers. With a genuine 'system', however, you will be able to both increase your sales and cut your costs. Conditions systems are the key element in imposing pricing. But you also must not neglect the interests of your distributors. Optimized conditions systems help turn conflicts of interest and suboptimal yield into win-win situations.

We will help you optimize your terms and conditions systems:

  • We will include incentives, thereby ensuring higher sales, rising margins or falling costs.
  • If necessary, we will reduce the complexity of your conditions systems and link differing conditions to variations in customer performance in order to encourage customer behaviors that enhance your earnings.
  • We will assure the necessary customer acceptance based on comprehensible, consistent structures.

Based on extensive simulation analyses, we reveal the impact of the measures we propose on sales revenues and profits in each project, thereby creating high levels of transparency. In addition to establishing an efficient conditions framework, we will work with you to ensure conditions are enforced accordingly.

Do not wait any longer to optimize your conditions system. Ask for a consultation now!

Life-Cycle Pricing – the right price in every phase of the product life-cycle

The framework conditions to which a product is subject change over time. Markets are characterized by competitive pressures, varying customer preferences and increasing pressure to innovate. New products are launched onto the market, technologies become obsolete. However, this market dynamic can be turned into an opportunity for you. Gain a competitive edge by continually adapting product prices to changing conditions.

We will advise you on how you can best exploit your customers' willingness to pay in every phase of the product life-cycle. To do so, we will identify relevant products, analyze your market and develop a system-based solution to realize the potential of dynamic markets. We are able to call upon a wealth of experience gained on numerous projects. Our pricing expertise will help you utilize varying price acceptance levels over time to your advantage.

Consult us to discover how you can lastingly improve your business's performance based on life-cycle pricing, too!