Smart Services in After Sales

With us, you will have the vital edge

Smart Services will change the industry, too – and especially the after sales sector. In the early days of after sales, the focus was on the product. After sales was primarily a technical challenge. Subsequently, the focus increasingly shifted to the customer, because, after all, after sales was the part of the business that sought to make the customer happy. The third evolutionary stage of after sales is characterized by Smart Services. Product-accompanying digital business models will conquer the automotive industry. That is our customers' future. Together with us, you will have the vital edge. We will help you achieve success with Smart Services.

Digital platforms and the Internet are the technological basis of the Smart Services world. It is all about digital services which not only are linked to the product, but are made an integral part of it and supply data on how it is used. They are connected over the Internet to in-house or external value chains.

We will employ Smart Services in a targeted manner as a strategic concept to benefit your business. Because, with Smart Services you can make your after sales support more efficient and effective and so offer your customers an entirely new kind of service.

We will assist and support you with the following services:

  • Market research
  • Business model
  • Operating concepts
  • Process modeling
  • Rollout and implementation
  • Outsourcing

Contact us and ask for a consultation, so that your customers can benefit from smart after sales service, too.


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