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Damaged Part Analysis

Avoid future damage & reduce warranty costs

By thoroughly monitoring damages, you can significantly improve the quality of your products. In the field of damaged part analysis, we will assist you in matters including investigation of causes, fault identification and how to reduce warranty costs. In doing so, we will support you along the entire process chain – from failure of the damaged item to negotiation with the supplier.

As an experienced partner, we offer you damaged part analyses of your products in the areas of:

  • Vehicle body

  • Drive system

  • Interior

  • Chassis

With us you will identify the locations, components and models most frequently affected by defects and damage. To improve your quality, we will help you identify previously unknown fault symptoms and allocate remedial measures to them. We will comprehensively document costs incurred as a result of regress claims for which you are not responsible. From that, we will derive appropriate recommendations and submit them to you for your further use.

We will also be glad to advise and support you in damaged part analysis, so as to improve your product quality and reduce your warranty costs. Contact us and ask for a non-binding consultation!


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