Testing Technology

Complete, customized testing concepts from a single source

Test Bench Building STAR COOPERATION

Comprehensive testing concepts do not have to be patchwork solutions. Our experts in testing technology will develop a test system precisely in line with your needs and wishes. We will handle all the steps for you to create your own individual test bench. You will get all the services you need from a single source – quickly, reliably and in top quality. You can also tailor our service packages to your individual needs.

As a full-service provider, we offer you a wide variety of services in the core field of testing technology/test bench building:

  • Analysis of your existing test system and development of an optimized test concept

  • Design of your test bench using 3D CAD data, with arithmetic verification of technical functionality by FEM

  • Development, production, assembly and commissioning of all components

  • Automation of the control of your new test system according to your individual wishes

  • Training of your test system operators and support through our technical documentation


Test bench building - Why STAR COOPERATION?

Profit from our broad portfolio of technical services and our experience – from consulting to evaluation. Contact us and we will help your create the test bench you want.

Our services

Mechanical Automation – Engine trolley system with automated shaft connection

Hot-testing of engines offers savings potential which you can realize with our products. We will develop and build automated engine and chassis test benches for you. Our 20 engine trolley systems are in use worldwide. Using them, our customers are able to minimize setup times thanks to fully-automated docking.

Contact us and we will be glad to advise you on the potential applications of our engine trolley systems in your test operations.

Component Test Benches

Working in close consultation with our customers, we design development and operational resilience test benches which we can customize to your requirements – to achieve maximum efficiency in your processes. We do so by utilizing our many years of experience in the construction of testing and measuring systems. Based on a unique combination of expertise under the umbrella of the STAR COOPERATION group, we cover the complete process chain, delivering optimum functionality all from a single source.

Contact us and we will be glad to advise you on how to optimize your existing test systems.

Applications for Test Benches

If your old test system no longer meets your requirements, it does not necessarily mean you need a new test bench. We will update your existing test bench in line with new requirements as the products you test change and develop. This targeted adaptation improves your test process and also saves a lot of money.

Contact us and we will be glad to advise you on the possibilities of adapting your test systems.

Technical Services

If you need support in computation, design or drawing production for mechanical components, we will provide you with technical support for test benches and in other areas. Our expert team will assist you with analysis of the conceptual requirements, design and simulation to arithmetic verification. We can also handle the complete project management for you.