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Mechanical Engineering STAR COOPERATION

Mechanical engineering combines machine and plant construction with state-of-the-art technology. This includes sophisticated measuring, control, and regulating technology as well as information technology, resulting in fully new products and processes with which you can efficiently test mechatronic components and parts. For more quality, smooth functionality, and a long service life.

The experts from the STAR Engineering department will aid you in this: We develop, design, engineer and produce testing systems, adaptation units, and special tools for you which are precisely tailored to your needs and wishes. Innovative, precise, reliable, and from one source.

Benefit from our services for highly dynamic and automated testing concepts:

  • Modify and develop your test beds with state-of-the-art technology.
  • Successfully test the function and service life of products under realistic conditions.
  • Install components and assemblies on your machines and plants in a simple and secure manner.
  • Use practical special tools for your installation, testing, and production processes.
  • Implement tailored adaptation units efficiently into your existing testing systems.
  • Optimize your machines and plants thanks to digital twins.

Our aim: We want you to work even more successfully in practice, both technically as well as economically. This is why our mechanical engineering experts will aid and advise you in every aspect and cater to your needs – from the first idea until your product’s end of life. This also includes regular service and maintenance work for sustainable after sales.



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The experts from the STAR Engineering department will design tools, test systems, and tailored equipment for you using computer-aided technology. To do this, we use various CAD systems such as CATIA, Siemens NX, CREO Parametrics or Solid Works Professional. Our specialists will choose which system to work with based on your wishes. If required, we can convert your data from CATIA V4 into V5. This saves you time so you can focus on your core business.


Our experts design and produce development and simulation test beds for you with which you can test the function and service life of your components under realistic conditions. You can thus ensure long-lasting quality. During this process, our specialists design suitable testing systems for each of your various components and tailor them precisely to your needs. For example, we integrate variable factors such as temperature, dynamics, and pressure as well as static in the testing system. This means you can successfully test your machines and plants under various conditions.

Example projects:

  • Test beds for ball screw drives
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Bicycle dampers
  • Rolling bearings
  • Starters

Expand your existing test beds or custom modify them with the aid of our experts. You can therefore expand your test piece range – from design and production to installation and commissioning.

In addition, we modify your test beds in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC – for more safety in the workplace. To do this, our mechanical engineering professionals define and develop security measures and successfully implement these for you. All modifications are technically documented and verified – for your CE certification.

Example projects:

  • Construction of secured housing for test beds
  • Modernization of motor simulator test beds for starter generators

Our specialists design and product special devices for you with which you can easily and safely install components and assemblies. In addition, we develop practical tools for your installation, testing, and production process. To this end, we cater to your specific requirements in a flexible and individual manner.

Example projects:

  • Swivel device to install control units
  • Positioning device for measurement applications
  • Special tools to affix oil filters or for leakage tests
Abdichtadapter | STAR-COOPERATION

Alongside your project, our engineering experts calculate the stability and oscillation of your components and assemblies. At the same time, we inspect the digital installation and removal as well as testing the collision and packaging. Thanks to small but significant changes to the design, we ensure the buildability for you and make sure that the components are optimally conceived – throughout the entire product development process. 


Our experts design and construct tailored adaptation units and assemblies for your existing testing systems and integrate them for you. This saves you time and money. For example, they reduce the setup time and trial new test items without much effort. This means you can make your testing workflow more flexible.

Example projects:

  • Adaptations for passive security
  • Trolley system for motor test beds
  • Testing stands
  • Test item holder
  • Setup parts

Our experts virtually disassemble real machines or plants using a digital twin throughout the entire operating life. This means we are at your products’ side from the initial concept throughout the full, optimized life cycle.

Sensors on your machines continuously send data and information to the virtual clone. The digital twin is thus constantly learning – for example, to react independently and to counteract or correct faults. This helps us to optimize your plant design and reduce your changeover times. You can operate your machine even more efficiently, without faults – and take  future products to an even higher quality level.

At the same time, our experts develop analysis and interaction models for you with the digital twin, which you can test with all conventional output media. For example, you can explore different test parameters under virtual conditions to deduce important information for your real products. You can realistically observe a product using an interaction model during a VR session. The time and place is therefore irrelevant. Alternatively, you can use an augmented reality (AR) or 3D scan to integrate the digital twin into real conditions and uncover valuable findings.


Our engineering experts will also advise you in after sales: They analyze your machines and plants and proactively maintain them in order to keep downtimes low or to prevent them altogether. Key word: predictive maintenance. You can therefore increase the service life of your machines and save on costs.

Would you like to carry out your own service and maintenance work? Our experts will also be happy to help you with this and offer you practical instructions and documentation.

Reference project: Test bed for ball screw drives

Our engineering experts have developed a concept for a distributor in the automotive and machine construction industry with which they can carry out diverse tests on ball screw drives. It is able to flexibly modify various test conditions – for example, axial load, speed, and temperature.

Why it’s special: We always adapt the concept for new, specific requirements – quickly and easily.

The benefits to you:

  • The concept is fully tried and tested with regard to all important functions.
  • You can benefit from the many variation options in temperature, axial force, and torques.
  • You can control the axial force (force lines) depending on the speed and position.
  • The concept is particularly user friendly: it takes into account the ergonomics, it’s quiet, and it is easy to install and disassemble.
  • Our experts modify the test concept precisely according to your wishes.


Prüfstand und Aufbau Prüfstand und Aufbau

BU: Test bed and setup.

Example project: Bicycle damper test bed

The mechanical engineering experts designed a damper test bed which is schematically modeled on the rear swing of a mountain bike. You can therefore generate processes which mimic the real movements during cycling.

You can implement the test bed flexibly for several test types: You therefore control the spring force of the damper, for example, in a single test or an endurance test cycle, meaning you can quickly discover how resilient it is.

The benefits to you:

  • You can use the test bed at any time and modify it according to your wishes – quickly and easily.
  • Apply the test bed in a variety of ways – for single tests or an endurance test cycle.
  • The compact format saves space.
  • All functions are tested extensively.


Prüfstand und Aufbau Prüfstand und Aufbau

BU: Test bed and setup.