Virtual Engineering STAR COOPERATION

Virtual Engineering

Services along the value-added chain

Currently, products are often being designed, developed and tested in real life. Here, Virtual Engineering can create enormous facilitation potential, as it will enable you to hedge all eventualities before starting the costly preproduction series.

We are your partner in Virtual Engineering; 2D/3D animations; CAD, DMU and VR/AR technologies.


Mr André Riess

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Virtual Engineering STAR COOPERATION

Our portfolio ranges from buildability validations to digital and virtual process manuals to ergonomics analyses for the automotive industry.

In the construction and architecture industries, Virtual Engineering lends itself i.e. to data management, collision test as well as the digital supervision through all service phases.

Substantiated by the right method and process management, Virtual Engineering generates an attractive package for your sprint to the future.

In us, you have found a strong partner who implements professionally specialized solutions along the value-added chain with you to affect the magical triangle of time-costs-quality in your favor. See for yourself and ask for a free consultation.

Advantages of Virtual Engineering using VR/AR:

Virtual Engineering | STAR COOPERATION

We are your partner for


Virtual Engineering in Automotive | STAR COOPERATION

Data management

  • Variant control and monitoring
  • Method development and training


  •  Collision & buildability validation
  • Installation/deinstallation study
  • Test block construction
  • Reaching distance analyses
  • Visibility field/reflexion analyses
  • Reachability spaces

Digital & virtual instructions

Digital assembly instructions for a test bench shaft

Virtual Engineering in Architecture | STAR COOPERATION

Data management BIM

  • Data management for virtual tours, fairs, sales, marketing, sampling, project documentation

Building data modeling

  • Collision validation, construction sequence simulation, method of installation
  • Building, expert, coordination and full modelling
  • Digital supervision through all service