Production delivery JIS

The stream-in-one-direction-guides

Our production supply concept offers manufacturers and production plants the possibility to optimize their on-line handling based on (partial) outsourcing of the storage and just-in-sequence delivery of the required production parts, saving valuable time and, at the same time, freeing up useful space.


Mr Frank Drechsler

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Delivery variance

Application areas of the cross-docking/just-in-sequence model:

  • Manufacturers with in-house production and large numbers of component suppliers (> 10)
  • Machinery and plant manufacturing operations taking up large amounts of space
  • Production operations with widely varying component ranges
  • International production networks using standardized components

Your added value:

  • Operational reduction in supplier numbers
  • Reduced logistics costs in production
  • Transport costs optimized by consolidation of goods and shipping operations
  • Space saving on-line thanks to just-in-time delivery & reduced warehouse stocks
  • Consolidated and financed procurement of your production parts
  • Centralized delivery
  • Unified scheduling and goods handling along the supply chain
  • One central point of contact

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