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Your topic in a customized 2D animation

We eliminate dry text and complicated formulations. With TELL ME!, we have taken on the challenge of presenting complex topics simply and intuitively in the form of an explanatory video. The videos are short, easily understandable and tailored individually to you. As opposed to many of our competitors, we do not impose a generic design on you, but rather match each explanatory video to your individual corporate design. That means, you always get an explanatory video tailored individually to you and your target group.

We can present any topic in an understandable and appealing way in a 2D animation – from complex processes to products requiring more detailed explanation to training material.


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Product Video – Complex products explained simply

You know that your product or service is great. But do your potential customers know it, too? There are frequently products and services which require more detailed explanation of what they are all about. TELL ME! explains your product, its functionality and everything else worth knowing through a product video in the form of a lively 2D animation – presented appealingly, intuitively and, above all, unforgettably!

Do you also have products or services that need to be explained? We will help you present them to your customers in an understandable way. Ask for a non-binding consultation!

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Image film – Breathe new life into your brand with a 2D animation

Whether you are looking to improve your recognition levels, present a new image or simply advertise your brand: with an animated image film from TELL ME! you can do it in a fresh and lively way. With carefully conceived storytelling, our animated image films arouse emotions and will breathe new life into your brand. Just contact us and we will help your create your unique image video!

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Training video – Training topics conveyed in a simple and lively way

We always hated stale, boring lessons at school. And, to be honest, we think the same about the training courses we undergo as adults. TELL ME! changes all that now! Stop using PowerPoint to present your training topics and play an entertaining, animated video instead. With an explanatory video from TELL ME!, your training topic will be conveyed in a lively, engaging way and will remain long in the participants' memories.

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