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One-sheet solution from our Label Technology Center

Rising demands in terms of occupant protection, certification-related aspects and product liability concerns are imposing ever more complex labeling requirements on automobile manufacturers. Different labels, such as advisory, warning and safety notices, have to meet different requirements. Consequently, a vehicle's label set comprises lots of sheets containing a variety of labels. That is not only cost-intensive, but also entails a great deal of logistic handling.

Therefore, our Label Technology Center has devised an entirely new concept for your labeling system. We are able to print all the different labels on a single sheet. This enables us to supply all notice labels just-in-sequence to your production line, individually matched to the specific vehicle and printed on one sheet.

For you, that means:

  • No more standby stockholding

  • No picking of the individual labels

  • All labels arranged in order of fitting

  • Simpler and faster label application procedures

Do not miss out on the benefits of this one-sheet solution. Call us now!


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