From the first idea to small batch production

We support your complete product development process. At the same time, we always keep an eye on your overall project. And you save time and money.


Our collaboration starts with an idea workshop. We discuss and analyse your product idea in detail – and evaluate your chances of success. The result: new approaches and solution-oriented strategies. This is how the innovations of tomorrow are created.

Creativity meets strategy – our services:

  • Advice based on the Lead User Method and Open Innovation
  • Definition of innovation fields
  • Initiation of projects in technology- or problem-oriented innovation workshops
  • Engage creative techniques such as Creative Problem Solving to find ideas and solutions
  • Identification of brand-relevant trends and changes in market volume
  • Execution of feasibility studies in terms of profitability, market volume and target group and
  • evaluation of ideas based on target group analyses.


Would you like to apply for a patent for your innovative idea? We can help! Along with our patent attorneys, we will examine your options and accompany you along the entire process.

Legal security all around – our services:

  • Checking patent options
  • Application for a patent
  • Determination and monitoring of competitors, partners or licensees
  • Using Freedom-To-Operate-Analyses (FTO) to determine protection rights and organise patent applications


From the first sketch to batch production: We visualise your idea using 3D CAD to turn drawings into real prototypes. If your product is already mature, we manufacture it in batches on our machinery. Take advantage of our interdisciplinary know-how and bundled synergies from various STAR areas.

Product development from a single source – our services:

  • Engineering: 3D CAD
  • Electronics: Internet of Things and Industry 4.0
  • Mechatronics: Automation technology and thermodynamics
  • IT: Embedded software programming and development
  • Quality management


From the first CAD-model to the prototype:Take advantage of our modern technologies such as 3D Printing. As our customer, you are involved in all processes relating to your innovative product: Together, we give the prototype that finishing touch before going into small-batch production. So that you are completely satisfied.

Prototyping – our services:

  • Production of functional and design prototypes
  • Testing and validation
  • Small series production and manufacturing "Made in Germany"
  • We think one step ahead for each product

    Bosch Pedelec

    The pedelec is one of the first electric bicycle drives: light, small, stable and durable. As a pioneer in this field, we developed this for our customer Bosch. Our pedelec is environmentally friendly and ground-breaking: This is the mobility of the future.

  • We think one step ahead for each product

    Daimler AG

    We have been overcoming challenges in the areas of vehicle interiors, ADAS systems and electrics for Daimler AG for many years now. We contribute our know-how in product development and coordinate projects. For more customer success.

  • We think one step ahead for each product


    One of our most treasured projects – Made in Sindelfingen: We developed the BeerSpike ourselves. Its hops shape is unique worldwide. Here you can find more information about our BeerSpike.

  • We think one step ahead for each product


    The master brewer "for your home", developed along with the company Speidel: This fully automatic brewing control for home and catering needs takes you through the entire brewing process – from mashing to fermentation.

    A special feature: You can choose between different brewing recipes or save your own craft beer recipes. You can connect the Brewmaster to different devices and operating systems via a Wi-Fi® interface. This is Industry 4.0!

    More information about the Brewmaster can be found at Company Speidel.

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  • We think one step ahead for each product


    The booster, our powerful core for the Blackroll. It makes your fascia training particularly effective: Thanks to the unique Vibra Motion Technology. For a therapeutically effective, patented technology – whether in professional competitive sports or at home. More information about the Blackroll Booster can be found at Blackroll.

  • We think one step ahead for each product


    The Endo-Fix, developed for our customer Stahlton, is an innovative mounting system. This allows objects weighing up to 50 kilograms to be mounted subsequently on thermal insulation façades (with ETICS) - even as retrofit! It creates honeycomb-shaped attachment structures that reinforce price-effective Styrofoam insulation.More information about the Endo-Fix can be found at Stahlton.

  • We think one step ahead for each product


    Wendi, the tool that lets rheumatism patients leaf through books painlessly and easily – thanks to the rubber attachment on the handle. Many lawyers also use the Wendi for their frequently used law books.

  • We think one step ahead for each product

    Clamping system

    Clamping workpieces is easy with our innovative clamping system, developed in cooperation with Matrix GmbH. This way you do not have to retool and can work on awkwardly shaped parts, for example, hip replacements, in a straightforward, flexible, efficient manner. This saves you time and costs! The unique clamping system has been awarded the 2006 Baden-Württemberg Innovation Award

Partnerships & Activities

  • Provider of the course "Ideas and Innovation Development" at the VHS Stuttgart
  • Position of Lecturer in Business Methodology and Innovation Management at the DHBW Ravensburg
  • Co-author of the book "Blue Ocean Strategy", published by SpringerGabler (publisher Prof. Dr. Thomas Heupel)
  • Inventor of the Innovation Barometer for easy determination of the degree of innovation of a product
  • Member and working group management in the Association of German Engineers (VdI)
  • Represented at the world's largest inventions fair IENA in Nuremberg, as well as various Maker Fairs
  • Several own patents in application, enabled over 25 patents for end customers.
  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  • Approved IHK training company
  • Several years of active support as a sponsor of "jugend forscht" in the Stuttgart region
  • Member of the examination board "Technical Product Designer (IHK)" and co-founder of the certificate course "Sales Engineer (IHK)"

Partnerships & Activities

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