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Creating values and living by them. STAR COOPERATION does both. Because we know that we can only guarantee long-term growth and commercial success – for both us and our customers – if we tackle environmental and social issues in a credible and sustained way.
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The three pillars of sustainability

STAR COOPERATION’s corporate responsibility focuses on three main areas: people, the environment and economic sustainability.

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Commitment from and to our employees. At STAR COOPERATION, we employ smart, dedicated people: our STARS. They are as diverse as the services they provide. This individuality makes us stand out from the rest and drives the whole Group forward. And our customers then also benefit, through the success of their projects. We fully recognize that our STARS are the source and therefore the key basis for the success of the STAR COOPERATION.

It is therefore all the more important that we create a working environment in which diversity is valued, individual goals respected and a good quality of life guaranteed. Only then can we ensure that the smartest and most dedicated people will continue to be found at STAR.


Environmental protection – not just an afterthought at STAR. Protecting our planet is our most important task – not just for us, but also for the benefit of future generations. This includes restricting or off-setting CO2 emissions as a contribution toward protecting the climate. Our customers also consider these factors when choosing partners. We therefore promote environmental awareness among our employees and support environmentally responsible behavior, both in the workplace and in their private lives.

Everyone can contribute toward preserving our environment, even in the smallest of ways – maybe by no longer printing every e-mail, or by shutting down the computer at the end of the day.

At STAR, conservation of resources is also paramount in the area of mobility. We have therefore systematically changed our service and pool vehicles to more efficient models and consequently significantly reduced the fuel consumption of our vehicle fleet.

This development was further supported by the purchase of electric vehicles that have so far clocked up over 17,000 kilometers. As a result, not only have we used over 1,000 liters less fuel, but also emitted more than 1.7 tons less CO2 into the atmosphere.


Economic sustainability as part of the service portfolio. In our private lives and in everyday situations, sustainability is a natural part of people’s consciousness. When it comes to products and services, that isn’t always the case. STAR is different: considering resource-efficiency is an integral part of our service portfolio.

In the projects we realize for customers, there are various ways of incorporating the concept of sustainability. “Green” products are therefore also offered, e.g. environmentally friendly media productions using FSC-certified paper and ecologically sound printing methods.

By using cleverly combined distribution processes, our logistics experts not only help by sending fewer trucks out on the roads and consequently lower emissions into the air, but valuable and expensive warehousing resources are also released for our customers.

What’s more, other less “tangible” projects, e.g. in e-commerce, can also be successfully completed in a sustainable way. With the help of carefully selected partners, we ensure that all the processes in the operation of an online store are fully climate-neutral, starting with the software development, through to the sales activities and the support service. How? By supporting climate protection projects to offset the emissions caused.

Environmental and energy policies

Corporate due diligence in black and white. In a modern company with modern values, like STAR COOPERATION, taking responsibility is always a priority. That is why we have set out our environmental and energy policy, which includes our company’s overall aims and principles with respect to the environment, as part of a management handbook. Regular reviews of this environmental policy, and corresponding adjustment to reflect new developments, aim to ensure the continuous improvement of environmental protection at STAR.

In 2017, our energy and environmental policy was also officially approved for the first time. STAR COOPERATION is certified according to the standards DIN ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 50001:2018.


Be a STAR – shape the future

Do you love to strike out on new paths? Join us on our journey into the future.
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