We automate processes with RPA
We automate processes with RPA
thanks to our latest innovation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
Automating processes with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Fast and efficient: STAR® automated data transfer

Tedious routine tasks are on the agenda day in, day out. They have to be carried out manually and are laborious, monotonous and time-consuming for employees. This issue doesn’t just affect the team at Autohaus Kunzmann: it impacts employees at every company, no matter the industry. STAR’s experts developed software robots for this car dealership, thereby providing a solution to the problem of tedious tasks.

Autohaus Kunzmann is an owner-managed Mercedes-Benz garage with a history stretching back to 1935. Since then, the company has shown slow, steady and healthy growth as time has gone on. It currently has nine locations in the Rhine-Main area. Day after day, its highly qualified, motivated employees bring the company’s slogan – “a new dimension of service” – to life. And that service doesn’t just apply to people visiting the workshop or buying a car: it also goes for the company’s business in general, both online and offline.

But it’s not only customers who can rely on the company; its employees, too, have the opportunity to exploit their talents and skills to the fullest.

  • The starting point
  • The goal
  • The solution
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    The starting point

    At Autohaus Kunzmann, certain processes require a high level of manual work as it is not possible to create interfaces between the company’s tools and systems with the technology available at present. As a result, data, such as customer information, needs to be entered into different systems by hand in a laborious process that takes up lots of employees’ time. The priority is to use process automation to reduce the effort required by these processes.

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    The goal

    Appointment pre-qualification needs to be automated. To this end, data from the workshop planning tool is to be transferred directly into the OEM system without additional manual work. This aims to take the burden off customer service, in particular, as consultants can start the service appointment with the customer in the workshop using the OEM system on a tablet.

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    The solution

    The experts from STAR’s consulting and IT departments turned to RPA to automate this time-consuming process, working with Autohaus Kunzmann to design and implement software robots to transfer data between the systems in question. After obtaining a detailed overview of the process, automation was put into practice within three months and fully integrated into day-to-day operations after a two-month trial period. The pilot was launched at the company’s headquarters in Aschaffenburg, with an additional location connected to the solution each week.

    RPA can be used to automate processes in every industry and every area.

    Software robots handle the following tasks, for instance:

    • Scheduling of all workshop appointments independently of the DMS (including Mercedes me appointments)
    • Extensive pre-qualification by setting up the entire scope of booked repairs
    • Fully automated creation of standard scopes (wheel changes, main inspections, emissions inspections, etc.)
    • Pre-completion of the workshop process including error-free transfer of all customer information
    • Addition of standard tasks (e.g. vehicle wash, etc.)

    All the benefits at a glance:

    • Reduction in time-intensive, monotonous and repetitive tasks
    • Employees’ workload is lightened, giving them more time for the tasks they’re qualified to do
    • Processes become more structured and more consistent as they are always handled the same way
    • Results are extremely precise as there are no transfer errors
    • Software robots work 24/7
    • The existing IT landscape remains untouched
    • No programming language is needed to operate the application
    • Quick roll-out for enhanced success
Use case: RPA at a car dealership

In collaboration with Autohaus Kunzmann, our experts followed the Robotic Process Automation approach to deploy software robots that automated the transfer of data between the tools and systems at hand. The appointment pre-qualification process at the dealership was automated in just three months and the customer service team’s workload was significantly reduced at nine locations. How did we achieve this?

Watch our use case video to find out!

Developing an automated RPA workflow with UiPath
Developing an automated RPA workflow with UiPath
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Automated data transmission between appointment scheduling and the OEM system.

What our customer says

  • “Thanks to the automation provided by STAR COOPERATION®, we were able to hand monotonous, manual tasks over to the RPA software and take the burden off our employees. This enabled us to make the process substantially more efficient in the long run, which, in turn, lets us devote more time to our customers.”
    Marten Kalmbach, Head of Online Service, Robert Kunzmann GmbH & Co. KG

"Thanks, Robot!" - Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Find out more about Robotic Process Automation in our infopaper

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