We assist your global brand rollout:
We assist your global brand rollout:
Successful and flexible training of target groups with individual e-learnings - digital, didactic and innovative

Fully digital market launch: Global e-learning

How do you train over 4,000 employees in more than 30 countries and regions in just a few weeks – without organizing any sessions on site?

The answer: through a global e-learning project designed, developed and implemented by our STARS from the departments of IT, LOGISTICS and MEDIA. Thanks to their combined expert power, they ensured that new spare parts for trucks were successfully launched in the market and that all local staff were perfectly trained. The result: A fully digitized roll-out, from the initial idea to the start of sales in just twelve weeks.

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    Our client wanted to excite its target group with brand new spare parts for trucks. Doing this in 35 markets all over the world was nothing short of a challenge: the company only had three months to implement the full international roll-out of its new product range. By then, around 4,700 employees at various dealerships had to be trained and brought up to speed. Specifically, they needed to become thoroughly knowledgeable about 120 products and services in order to market our customer’s new product range perfectly.

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    Implementing the project at light speed. We had twelve weeks until the market launch and the roll-out of the employee training program.

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    The experts from the STAR departments CONSULTING, IT and MEDIA pooled their expertise and got to work. They collaborated with STAR’s subsidiary sense & image to develop a fully digitized training concept. E-learning courses, webinars and a mobile app ensured that employees of car dealerships all over the world would be able to market the new spare parts in an active and purposeful manner. Thanks to a TRAIN THE TRAINER program based on these, local webinar speakers were excellently prepared to share their knowledge about the new product range. With help from STAR, our customer was able to launch its new product line globally without a hitch. And without time-consuming, expensive on-site training sessions.

    That wasn’t all: the STARS took the project to the next level when they focused fully on sustainability. Regular success reports, best practice examples and round table discussions established a stable long-term foundation for the project. All the parties involved continue to benefit from the best, most up-to-date knowledge about the customer’s spare parts for trucks.

    Digital, global, successful: make sure your market launch is a success – with global e-learning concepts from STAR.

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