You haven't found the perfect vehicle yet?
You haven't found the perfect vehicle yet?
We develop individual vehicle bodies - practical, well thought-out and tailored to your needs

Fair and square: Individual vehicle bodies

8,000 organic food products from more than 600 authentic producers, delivered to your doorstep fresh and fast: that’s how easy shopping is today.

The fan base of our client keeps expanding, and that’s no surprise: who doesn’t love the idea of an online farm store for regional, organic products? Our STARS have contributed their brilliant minds and skillful hands to make sure the products reach their buyers in an environmentally friendly way. The sophisticated vehicle bodies of our subsidiary atec innovation ensure that the drivers load goods quickly, transport them securely and deliver them without a hitch. In the city as well as the country.

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    Our customer brings hand-picked products from its neighboring farmers to your doorstep. They do this as ecologically and sustainably as possible. Key word: Green mobility. That’s why they only use electric delivery vehicles. The challenge: The customer started out with nothing but an electrically powered chassis. That was not enough to transport fresh food. They needed a solid body for their vehicle, and atec innovation was happy to help.

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    Developing, constructing and producing a sophisticated vehicle body that could master urban and countryside driving alike.

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    Our customer’s delivery vehicles are already touring Germany with their practical bodies. All components are developed and produced by the experts of atec innovation, from the initial idea to the final conversion. Everything from a single source. The printed vehicle bodies all boast the same attractive design and a whole lot of handy functions: the larger vans for rural areas have extra storage space for plenty of boxes filled with food. Loading them is simple thanks to two folding doors on the back of the lightweight van. A sliding door on the outside of the van helps the driver access the goods easily. And what about the city? The driver can use the shutters on the side of the van to access the content from the outside quickly and easily. This function is perfect for tight parking spaces.

    Don’t settle for anything less than vehicle bodies that match your own requirements perfectly!

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