How are we pushing the automotive industry forward?
How are we pushing the automotive industry forward?
We optimize your supply chain with database-driven claim recording - transparent, mobile and in real time.

Sustainable logistics concepts – with STAR and Industry 4.0

They roll through the streets across the world every day: our customer’s mid-range cars. As an automobile manufacturer steeped in tradition, they have been embodying quality and reliability for over a hundred years – a recipe for success which excites customers.

The customer would like to continue keeping this promise in the future in an optimal manner. This is why our STARS from the departments of IT, Logistics and Media have worked with the customer to develop an innovative damage management system. Any vehicle damage occurring can be recorded on the go and in real time even during transport. This enables a transparent supply chain, reduces extensive follow-up costs and thus releases even more power for the future of automobiles.

  • The starting point
  • The goal
  • The solution
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    Our customer supplies its cars all around the world. Their biggest aim is, of course, to have superb vehicles and satisfied customers. But what happens if a vehicle is damaged during transport? There’s no question about it, they have to get to the bottom of things. Tracking all stations of the supply chain and asserting recourse claims, however, is easier said than done, right? Not for our STARS! They worked together to develop the damage claims handling process of the future.

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    Develop a database-supported system for efficient damage claims handling with the aid of digitization and Industry 4.0. This will combat redundancies, additional time expenditure and a slowed flow of communication.

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    For this optimal damage claims handling procedure to go live, our STARS adapted our own, preexisting software solution to the needs of our customer as well as developing an app for the global recording of vehicle damage. They also established a web platform for transport damages which have already been recorded. This was followed by a global roll-out and the operation of the software with the integration of 50,000 users.

    The hard work paid off: the combination of Industry 4.0 with a sustainable logistics and quality concept reduces the amount of administrative work and increases both the recourse rate and the transparency in the supply chain. In addition, the quality of service providers can now be measured.

    Such a digital solution saves significant time and money during everyday operations. This will please not only our customer and the STARS, but also drivers across the world.

    You can already experience the logistics concepts of the future through the database-supported system from STAR.

Digital damage recording via app

Your plus with the ITQS app

  • More transparency: the digital claims management documents the entire transport route from the production site to the dealer.
  • More detailed information: with the consistent documentation, the cause of the damage can be easily identified and specific measures for optimizing the supply chain can be derived.
  • Less effort: ITQS significantly reduces the administrative effort and simplifies the recourse process.
The app for digital damage assessment
The app for digital damage assessment
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This is what your optimized process for recording damage to vehicles can look like. Documenting, extending recourse claims and identifying the focus of damage - conveniently and quickly on your smartphone.

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