Integrated Transport Quality System

The proprietary STAR® ITQS app

Let us digitalise your logistics, increase your efficiency and reduce your costs! STAR® ITQS turns your analogue claims management process into an automated digital workflow. You can use STAR® ITQS to digitally capture and document damage to vehicles, increase your recourse rate and identify damage hotspots along your supply chain. Once fully integrated, STAR® ITQS has a lasting impact on reducing your administrative costs, improving transparency and lowering your insurance premiums through a sustained fall in the number of incidents of damage and increased recourse proceeds. 

Automotive claim management 2.0

You deliver your vehicles all over the world, with your primary objective being to supply top-quality vehicles that result in happy customers. But what if those vehicles are damaged in transit? This clearly calls for investigation. However, it can be difficult in practice to retrace every step in the supply chain and enforce recourse claims.

But it doesn’t have to be that way – thanks to our STAR® ITQS claim management 2.0 solution. Fully digital, automated and networked, our system helps to prevent redundancies, time-consuming additional work, and delays in communication. All the expertise you need, tailored to the needs of your company, in one place.

Benefits to you

  • Step-by-step transport monitoring
  • Claim management: whoever causes the damage is billed
  • Process optimisation measures (predictive analytics)
  • Reduction in significant follow-up costs
  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Enforcement of recourse claims
  • Shorter processing times
  • Transparent claim handling
  • Evaluation and analysis of all transport damage
  • Automated exchange of all relevant information with the parties involved

STAR® ITQS modules

Your new damage capture process

Conveniently capture damage in real time, from anywhere in the world, via smartphone/web app and establish the basis for sustainable improvements in product quality.

Benefits to you

  • Documentation, reporting, analysis
  • Identification of weak points and optimisation through implementation of appropriate measures 
  • Increased recourse rate
  • Identification of hotspots in the transport and service provider network
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How easy is it to capture damage using the STAR® ITQS app? See for yourself!

Igniting the automotive future

STAR® ITQS provides you with a seamless, digital claim management process that ensures traceable and transparent vehicle transport – anytime, anywhere. Damage can be captured immediately and then processed through an automated workflow. STAR® ITQS modules can be integrated into your system landscape either separately or as a package.

Your path to digital claims management

When it comes to automotive claims management and outbound logistics, our STAR® ITQS app and comprehensive project experience mean we are the right partner for you.

Your path to digital claims management When it comes to automotive claims management and outbound logistics, our STAR® ITQS app and comprehensive project experience mean we are the right partner for you. In our initial consultation, we will workshop with you what processes you need and agree a common vision. We will then produce a quote that is tailored to what you need from a damage capture quality system.

Best practice

Our customers benefit from continuous solution upgrades in combination with its many years of deployment around the world: our sustainable logistics and quality concept reduces administrative costs while increasing both recourse rates and transparency in the outbound supply chain. Continuous monitoring of transport quality through STAR® ITQS has also become a matter of routine for them.


  • As a controller, real-time insights into all damage and the resulting increased predictability of expected costs is a real benefit for you.
    Controlling, internal stakeholder
  • With your responsibility for insurance, you can look forward to a simplified recourse procedure thanks to standardised and semi- and fully-automated processes as well as improved data on which to base expected insurance premiums.
    Insurance, internal stakeholder
  • As a quality manager, the reporting system means that you benefit from reduced transport damage and a structured overview of all captured damage data.
    Quality management, internal stakeholder
  • As a managing director, you can reduce costs through less transport damage, while increasing the quality of your outbound supply chain, resulting in greater customer satisfaction through shorter waiting times for your end customers.
    Management, internal stakeholder
  • As a supply chain manager, you can look forward to a whole new level of transparency in the outbound supply chain and options for analysing and defining proactive measures.
    Supply chain management, internal stakeholder
  • As a buyer or supplier manager, you have access to detailed supplier quality information at the touch of a button.
    Purchasing, internal stakeholder
  • As a member of the IT team, you enjoy the benefits of simple integration into an existing IT system landscape by means of standard interfaces and easy administration with a high degree of flexibility, a low administrative burden and a self-sufficient system or standalone solution.
    IT, internal stakeholder
  • As a business development manager or organisational developer, you can increase efficiency through digitalised solutions as well as simplified, semi-automated processes.
    Business development, internal stakeholder
  • As an end customer in the transport chain, such as a car dealership or market manager with responsibility for acceptance, you benefit from the increased predictability that results from timely forecasts when damage occurs.
    End customer, external stakeholder
  • As a workshop or assessor,
    you enjoy access to a clear, ready-made description of the damage thanks to improved data.
    Workshop, external stakeholder
  • As a logistics service provider, you can use the standardised digital workflow to capture and process transport damage and benefit from the web- and app-based solution.
    Logistics service provider, external stakeholder
  • As an auditor, you can take advantage of options for conducting digital audits.
    Audit, external stakeholder
  • As an insurance broker, you have access to improved data for a quick and structured overview of claims
    and can use the structured documentation to reduce waiting times for your end customers.
    Insurance, external stakeholder
  • As a recourse manager, you benefit from access to ready-made case files.
    Recourse management, external stakeholder
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