FlexIO-S Analog

FlexIO-S Analog

Analog CAN IO-Unit
Article number: 70007856
The FlexIO-S Analog measures voltages up to ±60 V and transmits the values on a CAN bus. Voltages of up to ±10 V can also be simulated to power sensors.
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Product information

The main application of FlexIO-S Analog is to evaluate voltages and to send the measured values to the CAN bus. However, FlexIO-S Analog can also recreate voltages of up to ±10 V and supply sensors. For communications purposes, the device hardware comes with CAN, LIN, SENT and USB interfaces (LIN and SENT on demand). Two interfaces with two sing-ended inputs each as well as two differential analog inputs are available. Each analog interface also has a sensor supply of 5 V and an analog output. With a large supply voltage range, FlexIO-S Analog is suitable for on-board networks from 12 V to 48 V. The analog inputs’ measuring range can be configured independently:

the 4 single-ended inputs from ±15 V up to ±60 V and the four differential inputs from ±0.25 V up to ±10 V. The analog outputs can be adjusted from 0-5 V up to ±10 V.

  • 4 configurable measuring inputs for voltages up to ±60 V
  • 4 differential measuring inputs with 50 V common-mode range
  • 2 analog outputs up to ±10 V
  • Supply voltage of 6 V to 60 V
Technical details

FlexIO-S Analog
Supply voltage
6 – 60 Vdc
Power consumption
Max. 100 mA + Sensorversorgungsstrom wenn benutzt
Communications interfaces
1x LIN bus (on demand)

1x SENT bus (on demand)

4x single-ended analog inputs
Analog in- and outputs
4x differential analog inputs

2x analog outputs

5 Vdc ± 1 %
Sensor supply
5 Vdc ± 1 %
2connectors, 100mA each
Resolution measuring inputs
16 Bit
Measuring ranges single-ended inputs
Unipolar: 0-30 V/0-60 V
Bipolar: ±15 V/±30 V/±60 V
Measuring ranges differential inputs*
Unipolar: 0-0,5 V/0-1 V/0-5 V/0-10 V
Bipolar: ±0,25 V/±0,5 V/±1 V/±2,5 V/±5 V/±10 V
Common-mode range differential inputs*
±50 V
CMRR differential inputs
Min 70 dB
Input impedance
≥100 kΩ
1 kHz (2nd degree filter, additional digital filters adjustable)
Sample Rate
Per channel: internal: 8 kSPS- external: adjustable from 0 to 2ksps
Measuring precision (@ Tu= 25°C)
Single-ended: ±0,1 % + 3 mV
differential: ±0,1 % +10 mV for measuring ranges ≤1 V; ±0,1 % +2 mV for measuring ranges ≥2,5 V
Temperature drift measuring inputs
Max. 20 ppm/K (Offset + Gain)
Resolution analog outputs
16 Bit
Analog output ranges
Unipolar: 0-5 V / 0-10 V
Bipolar: ±5 V / ±10 V
Precision analog outputs (@ Tu= 25°C)
±0,02 % of end of range value
Temperature drift analog output
Max. 7 ppm/K (Offset + Gain)
Slew-rate analog outputs
0,5 V/µs
Maximum current analog outputs
10 mA (load resistance > 1kΩ), max 500 nF
Comfiguration interface
USB 2.0
Operation temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Type of safety
Type of safety
95 x 140 x 35 mm
*Every measuring input was max. 60 V to Mass (KL31)

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