FlexGen-M PWM

FlexGen-M PWM

Article number: SW10004
The FlexGen-M PWM is a powerful PWM generator by which a variable PWM signal can be generated. All adjustable parameters can be read from the integrated display. Thanks to the robust aluminum housing and the high-grade controls, it is outstandingly well suited to tough mobile applications on test benches and in test vehicles, as well as for the PWM actuation of control valves and actuators
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Product information

The FlexGen-M PWM is used to generate variable PWM signals with output currents up to 10 A. The frequency and pulse duty factor are both adjusted via a rotary encoder with a rough and fine function. With the help of a selector switch, concrete frequency ranges can be chosen for adjusting up to 10 kHz.

  • Generation of power PWM signals up to 10 a with frequencies of 1 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Self-sufficient function also possible without a test bench
  • Activation via analog Input and CAN (optional)
  • Control algorithm for actuators with absolute position transducer (optional)
Technical details

FlexGen-M PWM (5A/10A)
Voltage supply
5A Version: 9-18 V DC (inverse-polarity protected)
10A Version: 8-28 V (inverse-polarity protected)
Output current TV 100 %
5A Version: 5 A
10A Version: 10 A
Pulse duty factor/resolution
0-100 % / 0,1 % bzw. 1 % (switchable)
Frequency range
1 Hz to 10 kHz (ranges: 1 Hz - 100 Hz/100 Hz - 1 kHz/1 kHz - 10 kHz)
Frequency resolution
0,1 % / 1 % of the range end value (switchable)
Output type power amplifier
H full bridge, short-circuit proof
4 lines OLED display
Edge steepness (12 V)
typ. 10 V/µs
Casing dimensions
app. 200 x 106 x 60 mm
Ambient temperature
-40°C to +80°C (operation)
PWM output amplitude
virtually supply voltage (depending on load current)
Internal contact resistances
5A Variante: < 80 mΩ
10A Variante: < 50 mΩ
Analog input
0-10 V (for pulse duty factor specifications from outside)
Connectors: Voltage supply
5A Version: LEMO ExJ.1B.302.HLD
10A Version: Banana sockets 4 mm
Connectors: PWM output
5A Version: LEMO ExA.1B.302.HLN
10A Version: Banana sockets 4 mm
Connectors:: Analog output
Connector cable (scope of delivery)
5A Version: Lemo on banana plug, length 2 m
10A Version: No
Order number basic device
5A Version: 70007350
10A Version: 70007386
Option 1: CAN interface
CAN interface (Highspeed ISO 11898-2 A and ISO 11898-2 B)
Option 2: control algorithm
Activation of actuators with position feedback, learning function and P-I-D
shares configurable, Sensor supply 5 V+/- 100 mV
Option 3: Analog output
0... 10V for measuring purposes, depending on TV 0... 100%
Option 4: USB/PC configuration software
USB interface, PC software for configuring complex pulse duty factor profile courses
Special version 1: 20 A
5A Version: No
10A Version: On demand
Special version 1: 20 A
On demand
Special version 3: PWM output amplitude adjustable
Amplitude adjustable from 8-18 V independent of supply voltage, restricted to 3 A carry current,
amplitude voltage shown on display

Support: FlexGen-M PWM
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