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...logistics. The experts at STAR will support you in doing this – and will ensure that your logistics are on a sound footing for a successful future. You can then save costs and gain a decisive competitive advantage. Digitalization for optimized commercial processes and highly efficient supply chains...
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...events, we establish micrologistics systems for you and take care of your needs behind the scenes, even at short noticeWe set up a supply chain that can function and be accessed 24/7 if required, taking into consideration any local regulations and structural restrictionsWe work unobtrusively for the visitor, so that the focus is on your presentation and your products Other logistics services
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...tailored to your individual needs. ​Online store By using our order platforms, your network – regardless of whether it is national or international – can order product information centrally, along with product-related merchandising items and advertising materials We develop your online store, including interfaces to your order management systemWe also handle hosting and operation of the online store Procurement and finance Product creation and developmentSupplier selection and managementProduction controlPurchasing and financing of goodsNeeds-based re-ordering (never out of stock) Payment management We generate and coordinate your customer invoices – on your behalf or on behalf of the customerWe post your incoming paymentsWe also handle your dunning Material planning We manage and prioritize your orders and keep them on schedule, so that they are in the right place at the right timeWe track shipments and provide information about delivery times Inventory management We continuously monitor your stock and re-order promptly so that goods availability ensures high levels of customer satisfactionWhen minimum stock levels are reached, defined processes are triggered We coordinate needs-based re-ordering (never out of stock) and ensure regular checking and where necessary adjustment of order batch sizes and critical stock levels Active service provider management (transport and storage) We keep an eye on your supply chain, monitor schedules and services and intervene where necessaryManagement of product suppliers regarding compliance with packing guidelines and delivery datesWe manage logistics partners and transport providers ​Customer service/1st level support We take on the maintenance of your customer master dataWe deal with telephone customer support or processing of email queries for you (national and international customers)Claims and complaints management, including statistical analysis Other logistics services
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...and time-saving. Workshop Service Provider Benefit from workshop services from a single source – and the expertise of experienced specialists. So you can conserve in-house resources and produce even more efficiently. Contact Are you interested in our products and would like technical advice or an offer...
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...CONSULTING + IT + MEDIA FULLY DIGITAL MARKET LAUNCH: GLOBAL E-LEARNING Thanks to the pooled synergies of the STAR departments CONSULTING, IT and MEDIA, they can train over 4,000 employees simultaneously: through global e-learning. Reference story ELECTRONICS + ENGINEERING + INNOVATION WORKSHOP FAIR...
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...Contact our sales team at: +49 7031 6288-5656 Support You are using our products and have a question? Our support team will be happy to assist you.You can reach us by phone at the following times:Monday - Thursday: 9.00 am – 3.30 pm Friday: 9.00 am to noon +49 7031 6288-5330 RMA Return Form RMA Return...
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...stations. Our experts offer suitable tools, innovative tech and sophisticated services for E/E vehicle systems. Precisely tailored to your needs. So you can successfully achieve your goals. Holistic solutions from a single source Join STAR in rethinking mobility – our experts know and understand the...
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