Restbus Simulation for Automotive Ethernet, CAN, LIN & FLEXRAY


Because of the increasing complexity in vehicles and, thereby, vehicle networks, remaining bus simulation becomes ever more important. Within the development of control units, the interaction with other components and the operating mode of the entire vehicle network can be simulated, and thereby tested, with the help of remaining bus simulation. For developers, the challenge lies in considering all framework conditions and designing the remaining bus simulation as realistically as possible.

With our solution, we want to render remaining bus simulations as easy as possible for you. Based on your requirements, you opt for one of our two hardware modules – FlexDevice-M or FlexDevice-L. Combined with our FlexConfig RBS configuration software, you will be able to generate your own remaining bus simulations very quickly and comfortably, from simply replicating an individual network node to simulating complex networks.

Supported bus systems:

  • FlexRay
  • LIN
  • Automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1)
  • SENT
Relevant products: Restbus-Simulation für CAN, LIN & FLEXRAY
FlexCard USB-M

FlexCard USB-M

The FlexCard USB-M, robust and powerful, is a multifunctional USB interface device for analyzing and monitoring of CAN and FlexRay bus systems. One FlexRay Communication Controller is available in the FlexCard USB-M, including channel A and B.
FlexCard PMC-II

FlexCard PMC-II

The FlexCard PMC-II is a bus interface device for automotive bus systems in PMC design. The card's 8 bus interfaces can be configured for different bus systems via Physical Layer (FlexTiny II) slots.


The multifunctional bus control unit FlexDevice-L² supports the current and upcoming bus systems and has numerous variable interfaces, thus covering most of the application fields where bus interfaces are required.


The multifunctional bus control unit FlexDevice-S supports the current and upcoming bus systems and has one variable interface, so it covers most of the application fields where bus interfaces are required.
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