FlexGen-S PWG

FlexGen-S PWG

PWG Simulator
Article number: 70007772
The FlexGen-S PWG is an electronic PWG simulator that replaces the original vehicle pedal value sensor. This allows reproducible accelerator pedal positions to be generated on test benches. Due to various configuration options and interfaces, the device can be used for all vehicles, regardless of the manufacturer.
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Product information

The PWG simulator FlexGen-S PWG represents an electronic solution to substitute the original accelerator sensor of vehicles and, by doing so, to generate reproducible accelerator positions in test benches. As opposed to mechanical actuators with their inertia, this small handy tool represents a cost-efficient alternative. Furthermore, no noise is caused that is acoustically perceivable. The PWG simulator can be used by any vehicle manufacturer due to different configuration options and various interfaces. For this, two analog outputs according to the original potentiometer voltage level as well as two PWM signals are available for reproduction. For an automated operation, the device can be activated externally via CAN or an analog input. All settings and adjustments can be made quickly and comfortably via the configuration and display software included.

  • Replay of reproducible drive profiles
  • Up to 6 curve progressions storable (max. 1,000 measurement points)
  • Stand-alone operation without PC
Technical details

FlexGen-S PWG
Voltage supply
6 V…18 V (Optional: 6 … 28 V)
Kl.30 permanent
Operating temperature
-20°C to +85°C
Dimensions (L x W x H)
100 x 100 x 30 mm
Charging rate
< 50 mA
Analog Out
2 x 0…5 V
2 x 5 V or 12 V
Level parametrizable internally
USB 2.0, full speed
Status LEDs accelerator value
10 units
Step size 10%
Can high, CAN low (Baud rate adjustable)
parametrizable for external control value specifications
Analog In
0…10 V
External control value specifications

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