FlexGen-S PWM

FlexGen-S PWM

PWM Generator
Article number: 70007332
The FlexGen-S PWM is a PWM generator in which the PWM signal is generated by an open-collector output stage. This unit thus generates PWM signals for test benches and test vehicles, or speed presets on control inputs of automotive fans and pumps. The frequency and signal ratio can be individually adjusted by a rotary encoder.
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Product information

The FlexGen-S PWM is used for generating PWM signals. The user can set up the frequency and the pulse duty factor via a rotary encoder at the device. In this, the rotary encoders come with a rough and fine switch that enables the alteration of the set-up accuracy between 5 % and 0.1 %. Two pulse duty factors can be pre-configured fixed and accessed directly via a rotary switch.

  • Generation of PWM signals with frequencies of 1 Hz to 1 kHz
  • Open collector output for voltages up to 40 V
  • Short-circuit proof and overvoltage protected output
  • Quick recall of two pre-configurable pulse duty factors
  • Robust device with autonomous voltage supply
Technical details

FlexGen-S PWM
Voltage supply
+6 V(DC) to +28 V(DC)
Supply current
< 50 mA
Operating temperature
-20°C to 70°C
Storage temperature
30°C to 80°C
Dimensions (L x W x H)
138 x 90 x 40 mm
Casing/Protection class
Aluminium / IP41
Output type
Maximum current PWM signal
500 mA
PWM signal lift
1-40 V (6-28 V with jumper)
Forward resistance (RDS ON)
max. 500 mΩ
Frequency range PWM
50 Hz to 1 kHz
Pulse duty factor PWM
0 % to 100 % *
Resolution pulse duty factor
0,1 %
LCD Display
2 x 16 characters with background lighting*
*Pulse width tolerance typ. 500 ns (1 μs with 1kΩ pull-up)

Support: FlexGen-S PWM
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