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E-commerce consulting for your digital success 

Are you looking for an experienced partner for your e-commerce project? Then you’ve come to the right place! Benefit from our e-commerce consulting and experience: together, we will design your e-commerce strategy. We focus primarily on sophisticated solutions based on Shopware. 

Are you looking for an experienced partner for your e-commerce project?

Our e-commerce customers have the following challenges:

  • Existing systems are isolated solutions
  • No consistent digital processes
  • Store performance is not right >> technically - loading times >> graphically - not responsive >> business - turnover
  • Multichannel or even omnichannel e-commerce is not (yet) established
  • Connection of online stores to marketplaces or platforms is missing
  • Internal sales force is overloaded
  • Existing solutions do not scale
  • E-commerce product data is incomplete or outdated
  • Connection to ERP systems and synchronization of data is faulty
  • Customer expectations and user experience do not match
Our key figures in E-commerce consulting
  • 10
    Mio. EUR store volume
  • 15
    Years on the market
  • 80
    E-commerce experts
  • 200
    Plugins developed

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What makes e-commerce consulting with STAR COOPERATION so special?

  • — Our diverse teams work in a way that’s both agile and successful
  • — We’re deeply familiar with Shopware
  • — We have e-commerce solutions for your e-commerce needs
  • Technology
  • Creativity
  • Solutions
  • Foresighted
  • Innovative
  • Customer-focused
  • Technology

    We translate between the e-commerce technology and the application interface so that the online store is easy for customers to understand.

  • Creativity

    We live our creativity in e-commerce development to the fullest to find solutions that make our customers happy.

  • Solutions

    We always look for the best possible balancing act between standard software like Shopware and individual e-commerce developments to keep effort and costs low.

  • Foresighted

    We think and we listen! That's how we find the right e-commerce strategy for you. Why not give it a try? 😊

  • Innovative

    We are seldom satisfied with "state-of-the-art" - we like a little more.

  • Customer-focused

    "RTFM!" as a reaction is not heard by our customers, we always try to deliver the best in consulting, training and support.

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  • Success stories

    MAN Merchandising-Shop

    The motto "everything from a single source" fits perfectly for this B2C store . With bundled expertise, STAR® manages this Shopware store from product selection and procurement to further development and fulfillment in outsourcing.

  • Success stories


    Together with the client's e-commerce department, this Shopware 6 store was set up in 5 languages. In addition to the development of individual templates, the task here was to support the employees via consulting and training in such a way that independent further development of the consulting and sales platform becomes possible.

    To the webshop

  • Success stories

    Das Zierwerk

    This Shopware Shop was implemented in record time together with the client. Through a lot of own work, the B2C store with beautiful things for space and soul could be implemented particularly favorably. In addition to security updates, STAR® primarily takes care of consulting and training.

  • Success stories

    Toll Collect

    When it comes to rental equipment for toll processing, one does not initially think of a web store. But by integrating it into SAP processes and using various interfaces, a B2B platform based on Shopware was created that brings efficiency and relief to the processes.

  • Success stories

    Retailworld Mercedes Benz

    The power of STAR® synergy was relied upon for this outsourcing project. The full integration into the existing system landscape leads to simple and fast orders for the connected car dealerships. The closed B2B store was implemented with Shopware technology.

  • Success stories


    Part of this project are 3 webshops based on a common base (single frontend application): Fürstenberg, Eva B. Bitzer and weiss.
    We support continuous development with focus on B2C marketing automation. Additionally we do social commerce on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Success stories

    Kübler Workwear

    We support Kübler Workwear with the conception and development of the optimized interfaces of the webshop. The store offers customers many thousands of variants with different prices and also has a high complexity in connection with the ERP system.
    We also enabled an integration of the different target groups in B2B and B2C with different features.

  • Success stories


    This professional B2B and B2C store was conceptualized and built at the beginning of the Corona pandemic in virtual collaboration with the customer. In addition to the focus on speed in the set-up, the main objective was to ensure rapid deliverability via lean processes. Shopware's API-first approach is particularly evident here in the connection to Amazon as well as in the integration into the fullfilment processes.

No blah-blah - We deliver!

Our approach for your e-commerce strategy 

E-commerce is complex. But you can turn that complexity into success with our sophisticated e-commerce strategies and our competent and detailed e-commerce consulting! Here’s how it works:

Good to know

About us - Dive into our everyday life

Profit from our practical know-how. We are techies and consultants and can therefore do more than the classic agency. Take advantage of our experience from various industries and set up your e-business strategy successfully. Our e-commerce experts and their networked team of developers can handle projects of any size - even internationally. Let's take off together and create an optimal digital experience for your customers!

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  • Agency

    Welcome competition, but we are nerds & techies in the best sense who know something about architecture, scaling and project management.

  • Business model

    Business models are generally defined as the main functions, actions, and interactions of a business to create products or value to generate profits. In short, a business model is what a business does to make money.

  • Business processes

    Translated "business processes", are a series of interrelated tasks, at the end of which is the provision of a service or product to the customer. Likewise, a sequence of activities and tasks that lead to the achievement of an enterprise goal is defined as a business process.

  • E-Commerce Management

    E-commerce management is the management of an online business so that it successfully achieves its goals of product quality, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

  • E-commerce strategy

    An e-commerce strategy is used to promote an online store and increase sales. It is based on knowledge of trends, the current market and consumer research, among other things.

  • ERP systems

    ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and refers to a software solution for resource planning of a company. It integrates a variety of business applications and operational data that are processed and stored in a central database.

  • Multi-Channel E-Commerce

    Multi-channel e-commerce refers to the use of multiple marketing and sales channels in online retailing.

  • (Online) Store system

    (Online) store system is the system through which an e-commerce store sells its products. These are either programmed elaborately by the store itself or taken over from a prefabricated store system.

  • RTFM!

    Read the f4c#ing manual - Be sure to read the user manual [sarcastic].

  • Shopware

    Open source e-commerce solution made in Germany (Schöppingen!) for Professional and Enterprise customers with enormous success story

  • Stakeholder

    Many things that companies do or do not do have an impact on people and organizations. Stakeholders are all internal and external persons and groups of persons who are directly or indirectly affected by a company's activities or have a concrete interest in the activities.

  • Standard software

    Standard software is understood to be software systems that cover a clearly defined area of application and can be purchased as prefabricated products.

  • State-of-the-art

    The term comes from the English and means as much as the current development status of a technology or a product. Colloquially, one also says "state of the art".

  • Techies

    Translated from English "tech geek", is a person who has extensive technical knowledge and skills and is very intensively involved in technology issues.

  • TLDR

    Too long didn't read

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