Logistics Control Tower

Manage, organize and coordinate your goods movements, stocks and partners: benefit from the STAR Logistics Control Tower and ensure that your products are always delivered to the right place at the right time. Our experts are here to support you – with individual process steps or your entire supply chain.

Score points with customers by ensuring supply reliability and the constant availability of products: using the Logistics Control Tower, the STAR logistics experts can make your product flows, stocks, partners and delivery processes even more transparent and effective – along the entire value chain. A centralized information hub combines data from all sources that is key to the smooth running of your processes.

OPTIMIERTE PROZESSE – HOHE LIEFERTREUE: Profitieren Sie vom Logistic Control Tower der STAR. Damit Ihre Produkte jederzeit verfügbar sind – am richtigen Ort.
OPTIMIZED PROCESSES - DELIVERY THAT CAN BE TRUSTED: Benefit from STAR's Logistic Control Tower. So that your products are always available - anywhere

​Full control with the Logistics Control Tower

  • Transparent supply chain, thanks to seamless documentation
  • Improve transport quality
  • Optimal planning and management of material stocks
  • Monitor inventory structure
  • Track particularly critical shipments
  • Manage and improve the performance of logistics partners
  • Optimize supply chains

​Active service provider management for transport and storage

  • We monitor and assess the performance of your service providers
  • On request, we will also get involved in direct supplier communication on your behalf

​Inventory management

  • We support you in ensuring availability for supplying production and the aftermarket service – taking all economic aspects into account
  • We continuously monitor your inventory levels – with the aim of reducing and avoiding any build-up of non-moving or slow-moving stock
  • We advise and support you with the placing of orders for planned promotions
  • We can also advise you on the optimal use of price effects in procurement for your own needs

​1st level support

  • We provide a central contact partner for internal and external customers as well as suppliers in all process-related areas, including IT-supported, transparent incident tracking
  • We handle all administrative tasks in your system landscape to ensure data quality
  • We develop solutions to increase efficiency levels in the processing of inquiries

Proactive risk management

  • Keeping your supply chain in mind, we identify deviations from the plan and intervene to ensure that goals are achieved

​Claim management

  • We handle the administration of any contractual claims for supplementary demands made against a supplier on the basis of underperformance
  • We are efficient in dealing with any deviations and disruptions in performance, along with any subsequent claims
  • We are there to assist you with the recording, processing and initial assessment of a claim

​Freight inspection

  • Based on your data, our IT solution checks freight invoices and identifies any discrepancies
  • Issues can then be addressed and clarified efficiently

Other logistics services

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