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If you want highly efficient logistics and delivery structures, then look to the agile logistics consulting provided by our experts – from detailed analysis of your processes to finding the perfect strategy. Optimize your entire supply chain and gain a decisive competitive advantage.

Benefit from logistics consulting by our experienced supply chain experts. We will analyze and optimize all the processes in your supply chain. To do this, we will examine your logistics and delivery structures, develop an appropriate strategy and implement the necessary measures to realize the potential for improvement.

The main goal, always with the customer in mind, is to get the required quantity with the right quality to the right recipient at the right time. Only then will your logistics network be working at maximum efficiency.

COMPREHENSIVE LOGISTICS CONSULTING FOR YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN: so that everything is in the right place at the right time. Fast, on time, efficient.
COMPREHENSIVE LOGISTICS CONSULTING FOR YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN: so that everything is in the right place at the right time. Fast, on time, efficient.

We use the following services to support your supply chain:

Outbound Logistics Excellence

Successful distribution processes must be based on concepts that cater to your individual requirements. As specialists for the outbound logistics (OBL) of automotive manufacturers and the manufacturing industry, we will support you throughout the entire distribution process, ensuring that your supply chain is the best it can be. We assist you with the following services:

  • We manage and perform audits in the areas of quality, trucks, vessels and operations, anywhere in the world.
  • Our STAR OBL Control Tower makes sure your vehicle outbound management runs smoothly. It also manages service providers and quality assurance for transportation providers.
  • Our team of experts consist of experienced logistics consultants who will support you in finding solutions to all the challenges related to your outbound logistics processes, including the development of tools for digital loading simulations, as well as the installation of digital load scanners worldwide.. We also carry out analyses for the introduction of transport protection measures and present you with our recommended action plan.
  • Our STAR ITQS software solution allows us to focus on your insurance and claims management. Our application increases the transparency of your OBL and at the same time reduces damage costs caused during transport.

Logistics process optimization

  • We analyze your current supply chain and identify potential for optimization throughout the product flow.
  • At the same time, we work with you to determine what you require from your supply chain, taking into account your company’s strategic and tactical objectives.

  • From that, we develop the logistics targets that will enable your supply chain to remain competitive in the long term.

  • We put targeted measures in place to achieve the objectives we have developed with you. 

  • Working in close consultation with you, we carry out a project review and use the subsequent lessons learned as the starting point for continuous improvement measures.
  • We develop and implement appropriate control and decision-making parameters and thus bring operational transparency.

Logistics cost analysis and optimization

  • We analyze third-party logistics services as well as your internal process costs to improve cost efficiency in your supply chain and show you potential savings.
  • Based on the results of this analysis, we identify and implement the quick wins.
  • We also define targeted measures to realize the potential for optimization and ensure the medium and long-term success of your supply chain.
  • Of course, we also support you if the need arises to switch any service providers – from preparing to issuing invitations to tender.

Network and route optimization

  • We analyze your logistics network, focusing on the use of various efficient and digital tools and methods.
  • Taking all the relevant conditions and industry-specific requirements into account, we create a realistic model of your supply chain to use as the basis for developing optimization scenarios.
  • In doing so, we fully incorporate any industry and network-specific requirements.
  • We optimize the transport processes throughout your entire supply chain and cut your logistics costs.

​Logistics planning

  • We identify the specific requirements of your logistics structures and processes, based on your company’s strategic and tactical focus.
  • As a result of this, we then define the targets for your logistics infrastructure and support processes.
  • We translate the targets we have defined with you into concrete measures and a plan for their implementation.
  • We support you throughout, from the initial planning meeting to the active implementation of processes or the development of your infrastructure.

Inventory optimization

  • We use our digital inventory optimization tool to analyze consumption data and existing forecasts and then identify your optimum inventory levels.
  • Taking your product types and warehouse structure into account, we then develop a customized storage concept for you.
  • To ensure security of supply while also minimizing inventory/obsolete stock, we define minimum and maximum inventory levels and continuously adjust them, as required, in defined cycles.
  • On request, we can link our inventory optimization tool to your existing ERP system to enable automated ordering or recommended order levels.
  • We identify and implement appropriate control and decision-making parameters for your operational management.

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