OBD2-Adapter with RJ45 and banana socket
Article number: 70010415
OBD2, OBD2 Adapter, RJ45, OBD to RJ45, DoIP, DoIP Adapter, CAN, CAN Adapter, OBD to CAN
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Product information

This premium adapter is specifically designed for tough use in the workshop. It functions as the interface from OBD2 to RJ45 Ethernet and has an additional cap to CAN in addition to terminal 30 & 31 on the banana socket. The universal connection tool is flexible and can be used to tap diagnostic data via DoIP, power supplies and flash processes for different vehicle types. Furthermore, it is CE certified.

The following modes of access are possible using Xentry pass thru

  • all passenger car series vehicles certified as Euro 5 or 6 (Mercedes-Benz and Smart) with CAN diagnostics (DoIP series prior to BR 223: only flashing of head unit and instrument cluster)
  • all van series vehicles certified Euro 5 or 6 (Mercedes-Benz) with CAN diagnostics – all of the Euro VI certified commercial vehicle series (Mercedes-Benz as well as EvoBus brands) with CAN diagnostics

Symptom processing using standardised symptoms

Diagnosis over IP (Ethernet) "DoIP" is fundamentally possible if the Pass Thru device supports DoIP. If it does not, flashing of the head unit and instrument cluster is not possible for the current car and van series up to the introduction of BR 206 and BR 223

  • OBD to RJ45
  • OBD to CAN
  • Simple voltage tap
  • DoIP interface
  • Flashing vehicle data
  • Robust
  • CE-certified
Technical details
  • Voltage tap
  • Diagnostic data tap
  • Adapter OBD to RJ45
  • Adapter OBD to CAN
  • DoIP interface for flash operations
  • CE-certified

Support: OBD2-Adapter
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