We will get your dealership  ready for the digital future
We will get your dealership ready for the digital future
What stage are you at and where do you need to get to?
Challenging times in the automotive trade

STAR® Digital Dealer Check

The whole world is talking about digitalization. What stage are you at and where do you need to get to? You need security today so you can do the right things in the future. Through our digital dealer check project, you can determine your current status, i.e. what can you do already and where the next step could take you, in all areas of your company.

What does digitalization mean for me specifically as a dealer and where will I be heading if I take the first step? Are my employees ready for the transformation and the change process? My suppliers increase their prices every year and my workforce wants more money – where can I find a niche in the automotive business to generate new profit contributions? Didn’t one of my sales people come to me again yesterday and tell me that a prospective customer had managed to find a better deal online?

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  • Analysis of the current situation

    How do I speed up digitalization in my company?

  • Identify areas for action

    Which key issues do I need to address quickly?

  • Prioritize actions

    How can I drive my digitalization forward?

  • Implement change process

    Do I need agile project management?

Digital Marketing

Did you know that 70% of initial research now takes place on a smartphone? Some dealerships still work predominantly with traditional advertisements in the printed media and do not make sufficient use of the opportunities available to them via their website.

We will show you ways to define and develop your target group. We will support you in achieving the best possible accessibility for your website, through search engines, online advertisements and the use of other digital marketing tools. We can then guarantee that you will also be able to inspire new and existing customers in the future

Digital Sales

How do you ensure that you continue to generate adequate contribution margins to make your sales profitable?

We support you in implementing a tailored approach for your customers and interested parties. We can also help you to generate new customers and to consolidate your established customer relationships. We do this using processes that will not hinder the sales team, but will instead digitally enhance their workflow.

Digital After Sales

Does this sound familiar? Customers are waiting at the counter, the service advisor is dealing with a check-in, the service assistant is on the phone and the e-mail inbox is overflowing!

We optimize your core service process by applying a digital approach that increases the working capacity of your employees. Your customer then gets the best thing you can ever give them – your attention.



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STAR® Digital Dealer Check


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