Digital Engineering 

Benefit from the use of high-tech solutions in your production – along your entire value chain. Our STAR experts will provide you with virtual tools and develop innovative strategies that fit your needs perfectly.

The experts at STAR can support you in achieving a successful digital transformation, using 2D/3D animations, CAx, DMU and VR/AR technologies. From feasibility checks to virtual process manuals, through to ergonomics analyses for the automotive industry – so you can produce efficiently and improve your product quality.

Use our high-tech tools to prepare for the future and take advantage of STAR’s passion for virtual reality. They will help you to make effective use of digital data and methods, as well as to reduce your costs.

STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESSFUL DIGITAL ENGINEERING: use virtual technologies and tools to maximize your production efficiency.


Our smart product information management system enables your virtual product – in all its different versions – to be available to all departments in your company. As a result, you can work together more efficiently and make long-term savings in costs for hardware prototypes. At the same time, you get to benefit from the latest digital technologies by STAR.

Produce quickly, accurately, transparently and on time. To achieve this, we develop ‘read-out media’, such as

  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Mixed Reality (MR)
  • 3D-scanning and Building Information Modeling (BIM)

These combine all relevant data in a meaningful way and design your product as a virtual model. This allows you to collect, select and differentiate information in the most optimal way and all those involved are always kept up to date – from planners and designers through to suppliers. The advantage for you: you can manage processes transparently and efficiently, from start to finish – while also saving time and money.

Developing, testing and designing using advanced technologies – our services for your production

  • Provision of product data for digital product development
  • Managing variants of complex products with individual compositions
  • Virtual design and tours of buildings – thanks to web applications and mobile virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR)
  • Virtualization and visualization of processes and products using existing 3D data
  • Enhancing information using BIM modeling


STAR can support your company with its digital transformation. So you can use new technologies successfully, transparently and sustainably. Together, we will speed up your product development, using agile computer-aided technologies (CAx). Thanks to consistent 3D data processes, you will be able to optimize your construction, save resources and work transparently on a virtual model. For perfectly designed products that will inspire your customers.

Digital applications for your product development – our services

  • Developing and implementing application concepts for digital technologies
  • Managing product-specific digital engineering and aftermarket processes
  • Connecting faraway departments in the development process using 3D data
  • Uncovering and exploiting the potential of integrated 3D data processing


Use our Design4Service for product designs geared toward service processes, right from the development phase, and reduce your warranty and goodwill costs. We can support you with the implementation of service-friendly repair solutions and the development of new repair methods. Even during the initial product development process, we can work with you to influence the serviceability of your product and thus ensure that you impress your customers with the best possible repair services.

Satisfied customers and lower costs with

Design4Service – our services

  • Advising product modifications in the development phase
  • Reducing warranty and goodwill costs
  • Ensuring usability of spare parts, tools and repair equipment
  • Installation and removal testing using a CAD visualization system and prototypes
  • Implementation of service requirements in inter-departmental development teams
  • Definition of replacement parts and their disassembly level
  • Development of service-friendly repair solutions
  • Standardization of repair times
  • Preparation of workshop manuals


Is your digital security important to you? Then look no further than the skilled analysis of diagnostic data and professional support provided by our experts. We will support and guide you with the full E/E vehicle architecture: from process modeling to data input, right through to testing. This will help you to reduce the downtime of diagnostic hardware. We will also develop standardized processes with you for complex diagnostic sequences, so your production is both efficient and profitable.

Standardized service throughout the diagnostics value chain – our services

  • Modeling of standardized processes for the flashing and programming of control units
  • Hardware and software tests you can use to protect individual hardware components – for consistent performance
  • Creation, transforming and versioning of diagnostic data
  • Testing and analysis at overall vehicle level – from breadboards to simulations
  • After Sales helpdesk: Cause analysis and development of remedies
  • Network analysis and troubleshooting for LAN, WiFi and automotive Ethernet
  • WiFi optimization using spectral analysis

Other services

Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering

Virtual development, testing and design: turn to digital tools and technologies in your production – for lower costs along your whole value chain.

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After Sales Technology
After Sales Technology

Monitoring, analysis, advice: take advantage of our efficient helpdesk for all your technical support needs. For optimized products and satisfied customers.

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Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Benefit from test systems, adaptation units and special tools – precisely tailored to your needs. For even higher quality and longer service life.

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