Life Cycle Management

Take your production to a whole new level – efficient, sustainable, resource-friendly. The STAR experts can support you with their advanced life cycle management skills. We will support you with the entire life cycle of your products, from the initial concept through to end-of-life.

Certification, supplier and quality management, remanufacturing: benefit from our expertise in the field of life cycle management. We will support you throughout your products’ entire life cycle. For the best possible quality. This means that you will be in the optimal position to beat your competition.

The STAR experts will be at your side from the moment you develop the initial concept. We will guide you safely through the maze of legal systems and nomenclatures – be it for product labeling or emissions, safety or environmental certification, to ensure a successful launch for your product.

In terms of quality management, we will identify the areas, components and models that are most frequently affected by defects and damage. At the same time, we will optimize your processes, so that you can produce goods even more efficiently. Your product quality then improves – and you can reduce your warranty costs. We can also help you select the right suppliers, to make sure that you only work with the best specialists possible.

You can also benefit from our expertise in remanufacturing and thus extend the life cycle and sustainability of your products. Thanks to our advanced concepts, you can ensure a high reutilization rate for used parts and attractive manufacturing costs – and remain competitive in the spare parts business in the long-term.

EXPLOIT YOUR FULL MARKET POTENTIAL – THANKS TO LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT: produce more efficiently – throughout your products’ entire life cycle.


Remanufacturing can help you to produce in a sustainable and cost-effective manner, and also to conserve resources. The STAR experts can help you to manage your used parts profitably, so you can remain competitive in the aftermarket ins the long-term.

How does remanufacturing (reman) work? Used parts are reconditioned and recycled to the same quality level as new parts. This means that you save raw materials and therefore also money. Our STAR experts can help you with this. We will take on your used part management for you, along the entire process chain: from the development of a reman strategy that is perfect for your production, through to creating the optimal reman product.

Producing high-quality spare parts at competitive prices – our services

  • Business development of a bespoke reman strategy through to its communication via all relevant channels
  • Core Management of your functional used part business through to efficient parts logistics
  • Management of the technical and production processes throughout the entire reman value chain.
  • Factory/production planning: save space and cost when designing your factory


Make sure your products are fully certified when you launch them into the market. Our STAR experts can support you with this, at every point in the process chain.

We will support you, from ensuring conformity with regulations through to re-certification – with legally compliant labels and relevant approval documentation. This includes products with mandatory labeling.

Introducing legally compliant products to the market – our services

  • Certification of products and components
  • Certification of vehicles and emissions
  • Preparation of global approval documents that fully comply with standards and regulations
  • Efficient management of certifications


Make sure your company benefits from efficiently designed processes and the best suppliers. For the best possible quality. Our experts are here to support you every step of the way.

They will develop a quality management system for you, analyze your potential and help you to select the best suppliers, so your production is both cost-effective and sustainable.

Consistent monitoring for damage and faults ensures the highest product quality and reduces your warranty costs. Should a product fail, the STAR experts are there to assist you – from dealing with the failure of the defective part through to your negotiations with the supplier.

Our experts can support you with the analysis of defective parts in the following areas:

  • bodywork
  • drive system
  • interior
  • chassis

Improving product quality, reducing costs and producing more efficiently – our services

  • Implementing and optimizing quality management systems
  • Recording of actual processes, exploring potential, design of target processes
  • Defining of quality points and parameters within the processes
  • Selection and development of suppliers, including support during the ramp-up
  • Supplier audits
  • Supplier communication and mediation

Other services

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Benefit from test systems, adaptation units and special tools – precisely tailored to your needs. For even higher quality and longer service life.

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After Sales Technology

Monitoring, analysis, advice: take advantage of our efficient helpdesk for all your technical support needs. For optimized products and satisfied customers.

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Life Cycle Management
Life Cycle Management

Certification, supplier and quality management, remanufacturing: produce more efficiently – throughout your products’ entire life cycle.

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