After Sales Technology

Improve quality throughout your entire process chain. The STAR experts support you with this – with systematic monitoring for damage and faults and an efficient helpdesk for all your technical support. We handle customer inquiries, identify the main areas where damage occurs and monitor all processes. To give you the best possible product quality.

Impress customers and gain their long-term loyalty. Our STAR experts support you with technical inquiries about your product via an efficient helpdesk. This means that you can provide the best services and keep your costs transparent.

At the same time, we also help you to develop your product to its optimal level – so that faults don’t even occur. You can then avoid future defects and reduce warranty costs. For impressive quality – all along your process chain.

OPTIMIZE PRODUCTS AND INSPIRE YOUR CUSTOMERS: benefit from STAR’s efficient helpdesk for all the technical support you need.


React quickly and proficiently to your customers’ questions and complaints – using the professional technical support provided by STAR. Our experts gather key information about every aspect of your product and show you how you can make quality improvements. That way, you can proactively counteract the sources of potential errors and ensure you have sustainable, optimized products and satisfied customers.

Technical support for satisfied customers – our services

  • Market support: Handling of customer inquiries and the analysis and rectification of the causes of faults via 1st and 2nd level support
  • Ramp-up management: Coordination of ramp-up activities
  • Market monitoring: Evaluating and analyzing sensor data, identifying the main areas prone to defects and defining product improvement measures
  • Helpdesk aftermarket products: Development of production steps to improve quality and cut costs, adjustment of service and workshop manuals to reflect product modifications


Benefit from the qualified technical analysis of products carried out by our experts. You can then avoid third-party claims – from customers, for example – by having the highest possible product quality standards. We compile quality assessments and reports, identify faults, and show you how you can improve quality long term. This means that you can optimize your production methods – and reduce your costs.

Developing product quality and reducing customer support costs – our services

  • Product analysis: Vehicle inspection and technical analysis of systems causing issues
  • Quality reports: Quality reporting and creation of standard reports and assessments
  • Field measures: Customer service measures and recalls
  • Analysis of defective parts: Identification of quality issues in the field and appropriate corrective actions

Other services

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Benefit from test systems, adaptation units and special tools – precisely tailored to your needs. For even higher quality and longer service life.

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Engineering Services
Engineering Services

Progress seamlessly from prototype through to serial production: benefit from advanced ramp-up management and the right strategy for your spare parts engineering.

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Digital Engineering
Digital Engineering

Virtual development, testing and design: turn to digital tools and technologies in your production – for lower costs along your whole value chain.

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