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Derive valuable knowledge from linking and analyzing the data available to you. Take advantage of business intelligence from STAR and ensure you make the right strategic decisions as you head toward Industry 4.0.

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Data is worth its weight in gold – regardless of where in the company it comes from: controlling, sales, marketing or logistics. Sophisticated data analytics can help you to stay one step ahead of the competition, irrespective of the size of your company. But, where in your company will you find data you can use? What do you do with big data? And how do you use the data you generate to maximize profit?

Take advantage of an individual business intelligence check-up by STAR Cooperation. Our IT experts will analyze your needs and evaluate your key corporate figures. The main focus will be the relevance of the acquired big data for your business practice. This will give you new momentum and optimize your business processes for the long term!


  • focus on your operational needs
  • tackle your organizational challenges and deal with internal acceptance,
  • examine and optimize your technological and data-related framework conditions.
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE TO HELP YOU SUCCEED: use real-time data analysis to optimize your business processes.
What we offer

Three business intelligence check-ups – tailored to your information needs

BI check-up reporting

Reports, analyses and forecasts: our BI check-up reporting gives you an easy and convenient introduction to big data. Our business intelligence STARS analyze the current status of your reporting, as well as your information needs: quickly, accurately and reliably. This enables you to carry out meaningful evaluation of your data.

We work with you to analyze the challenges you face and then to develop individual concepts. Using best-practice projects, you learn which key indicators and reporting scenarios are relevant for you. During your consultation meeting, you will also get first-hand experience of how we create your first reports – along with practical tips from our experts for producing your own big data reports. You can also gain valuable insights into various different business intelligence software solutions.

BI check-up analytics

How meaningful is your data and which business intelligence phase is your company in right now? Together, we identify your specialized analytics activities – taking existing and future projects into consideration.

Using an existing business case, we determine where you need to tweak things a little – in order to optimize your business processes in terms of analysis methodology. To do this, the STAR experts develop concrete measures that are the best fit for dealing with your particular challenges. They incorporate data preparation and data provision and show you which tools to use to implement your big data analytics in the most efficient way.

Predictive BI check-up

Predict what might happen and then make the right strategic decisions. Our experts analyze concepts and methods that can support you and give you a glimpse into the future of your company. This means you can always stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Benefit from the dynamic analytical techniques used by our STARS – and assess your business opportunities and risks effectively and proactively. Make use of the holistic business intelligence framework that we provide for you. This can give you valuable specialist, organizational, methodological and technical support.

As part of our specialist predictive BI check-up, we also develop a roadmap for the future of your company, so that you are positioned successfully for Industry 4.0.

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