Database Publishing digital
Database Publishing digital
Added value: update an app without programming knowledge
Digital database publishing – update your app without programming knowledge

Digital media production with database publishing

An app is programmed quickly and that little bit of text can be integrated in no time – anyone who approaches their next app project like this will quickly be disappointed. Publishing through digital channels is extremely time consuming. Even the smallest changes could lead to extensive follow-up work that is often impossible without programming knowledge. For marketing teams, this simply isn’t feasible or sustainable. That is why STAR COOPERATION developed the STAR® Content Builder.

Digital data publishing with the STAR® Content Builder

What has long been common practice with database publishing for print products is being adapted for digital media with the STAR® Content Builder: the Content Builder obtains information from central databases such as product information management (PIM) systems, media asset management (MAM) systems or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and presents it on apps, websites, displays and other digital channels – quickly, easily and without programming knowledge.

Increase data publishing efficiency

In the future, marketeers will use the STAR® Content Builder to organize their digital media content in accordance with the principles of database publishing in just one place: the STAR® Content Builder itself. All elements of websites, apps and other channels are created by programmers once. Marketeers then access these templates and create the layout of their medium with just a few clicks.

If changes are made to product information or data, these are made directly in the data source. The adjustments can then be approved and automatically output to all linked digital channels.

Marketing teams and app owners of medium-sized companies and corporate groups will save time and money with these STAR® Content Builder functions: 

  • Adjustment of product structures
  • Addition of editorial content
  • Adjustment of layouts
  • Creation of previews for approval

Your path to a digital channel

With the STAR® Content Builder and extensive project experience, we are your reliable partner for digital database publishing. Through an initial kick-off workshop, we will draw up your use case, derive the respective requirements and analyze the available system landscape. We will then set up the STAR® Content Builder for you and create the necessary interfaces. During the setup process, we will customize your individual templates and create your users. This will be followed by employee training on your system and the handover so you can get going right away.

We host the STAR® Content Builder as a software-as-a-service solution in the cloud. You can thus access the tool at any time using any browser.

  • Customer success stories

    BMW AG

    The Bavarian automobile manufacturer BMW summarizes its models in a sales catalog. It is presented both as a high-quality print product and digitally in an app. Until STAR COOPERATION took over this app in early 2018, it only displayed the print PDF of the catalog.

    A lack of mobile optimizations, impractical user guidance and a print-specific display impaired the user experience. Poor ratings in the app stores (2.3 for Android, below 2 for iOS) and low download numbers reflected the lack of success.
    Our experts thus programmed a new app, created new templates and implemented the STAR® Content Builder. Since then, product information has been managed centrally in one database and automatically output in several languages as needed. The annual download count of the BMW catalog app doubled to 100,000 during the first two years of collaboration. Annual app visits quintupled in 2019 to 250,000. The ratings in the app stores have also increased significantly: 3.9 stars for Android and 4.3 stars for iOS are evidence of a uniform digital customer experience.

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