Print database publishing – automate your print media production

Automated print media production with database publishing

No one needs print media anymore? As if! In contrast to many predictions, print media such as brochures, fliers, catalogs and sales documents are still widely popular. Producers have developed special visual and haptic aspects that impress users. However, despite all the innovations, the manufacturing process is still characterized by manual work and is highly prone to errors. Automated print media production with database publishing counteracts the potential for errors and modernizes the manufacturing process.

Print database publishing provides relief

Through database publishing, product information and content is managed using layout programs, product information management (PIM) systems and other content-organizing systems. Print media is thus created partially or fully automatically with a faster manufacturing process and eliminated error sources.

Increase efficiency in the print process

Database publishing can greatly increase the efficiency of the printing process through automated print media production.

A complete catalog in just four months

The time between the project start to the first printed product is generally just a few weeks or months.

For an initial assessment of your project, we only need your data sets. We will review your data within one to two days and provide an initial assessment. If the data is in good shape and we can start working right away, you can have your first printed product in your hands within one to four months.

Comprehensive expertise on print database publishing

On your journey to automated media production, we will guide you from the selection of suitable tools and the setup of product and page templates for your publications right up to the adaptation of media for your markets. The final art and print data creation top off our range of services.

With our years of project experience with small/mid-size businesses as well as large corporate groups, we will tailor our work to your individual requirements.

Print database publishing is by no means the end of the line. Combine your print products with digital media for an even better customer experience.

  • Customer Success Story

    BOTT GmbH & Co. KG

    The manufacturer of workplace systems as well as vehicle and factory equipment introduced a PIM system in 2014 for the automated creation of price lists and catalogs.

    The effect they hoped for, however, was not achieved. Contrary to their
    plan, the marketing team processed the product data for five years
    without managing to create a single page for product communication.

    In mid-2018, Bott commissioned STAR COOPERATION to analyze the existing process, make necessary adjustments and set up the database publishing. The first semi-automatically generated brochure was completed in under six months.

    Since then, we have been working together to increase the level of automation and drive the internationalization of product communication.

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  • Customer Success Story

    Eisen-Fischer GmbH

    As a wholesaler for tradespeople, industry and the construction sector, Eisen-Fischer publishes a complete catalog of around 10,000 products every year. For two years in a row, the company tried to automatically extract the contents of the catalog from its PIM system in-house.

    However, due to the lack of internal resources, this attempt was

    STAR COOPERATION was ultimately able to automate the creation of the catalog with the aid of EasyCatalog. For a consistent design, we also optimized several thousand images and put them into a uniform format. In addition to the tabular standard pages, we also set up catalog templates for pages clearly intended for marketing.

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  • Customer Success Story

    Item Industrietechnik GmbH

    Item Industrietechnik GmbH had already built up internal resources to manage the whole catalog publication process. At peak times, however, capacities became tight.

    In addition to the export of various catalogs with CrossBase, STAR COOPERATION therefore provided support for country management: alongside the translation management of six foreign language versions, we carry out the final art of the versions and then create the print data.

    With this solution, the customer’s employees once again have free capacities for other areas, while still publishing the catalogs on time.

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Other services

Digital database publishing

The STAR Content Builder obtains information from central databases such as product information management (PIM) systems, media asset management (MAM) systems or enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and presents it on apps, websites, displays and other digital channels – quickly, easily and without programming knowledge.

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